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Sunday, January 26, 2020

Watch: This aww-dorable friendship between cheetah cub and dog is melting hearts online

Although many might think dogs and cats can't really be friends, the zoo's program to pair canine and wildcats has been busted myths for many years.

By: Trends Desk | New Delhi | Updated: November 12, 2019 11:38:40 am


Kris and Remus is giving the world friendship goals! (Source: Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden)

Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden is known to introduce adorable wild animals to the world. If the world couldn’t have enough of their sweet Hippo, Fiona, the zoo recently introduced a playful duo, who are melting hearts online. The unusual pair of a baby cheetah and a dog has people all over the world swooning over them and clearly the internet can’t have enough of their cuteness.

The cheetah, known as Kris, a part of the Cat Ambassador Program at the zoo was born earlier this year at their Mast Farm Breeding Center. However, as it’s quite stressful for single cubs born to survive, the zoo decided to pair him with a rescue dog called Remus. And now the two friends are winning hearts online with their antics.

Recently, the zoo shared an adorable video of their ‘BFF sleepover’ and it quickly went viral online, getting lots of love online. The zoo continued to post videos of them snuggling together and it has left many delighted online.

Although many might think dogs and cats can’t really be friends, the zoo’s program to pair canine and wildcats has busted the myths.

Explaining why dogs are paired with cubs, the zoo in a statement said, “Cheetahs can have upwards of six cubs in a litter at a time and they will stay with their mothers for up to nearly two years. When a cheetah mom has only one or two cubs survive in her litter, often she will abandon those cubs and even stop producing milk for them.”

When Kris’s mom, Neema gave birth to a single cub, the zoo decided to get Remus from a local rescue shelter so that he could be the much-needed companion. “It gives the cheetah a surrogate ‘sibling’ to grow up with and experience the world together.”

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Territorial bed battle. Can you relate?

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“There is a lot of training that goes into shaping a successful cheetah ambassador. The dog helps with this as well. We start from a young age with the cheetah to teach it an acceptable way to interact with her trainers. For example, we do not want her jumping up on us, biting etc. While it may be cute when Kris is this little, it’s not very cute when she is full grown! That is another reason why Kris will have Remus, to allow her to do all that fun jumping and play behavior that she wants to but cannot do with her trainers. Dogs can communicate with cheetahs in a way that we as humans simply cannot,” the zoo explained.

In case you’re in love with these two too then, you can keep track of their daily activities on the zoo’s Instagram page, where stories are filled with this duo’s plays and fights.

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