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Did Charlie Chaplin inspire the viral ‘unfaithful man’? Twitterati go nuts with new set of memes

Someone came across a Charlie Chaplin still from his 1922 film 'Pay Day', where Chaplin is looking at a woman passing by — and found it very similar to the "distracted boyfriend" meme.

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This still from a 1922 Charlie Chaplin film called Pay Day seems similar to the “unfaithful boyfriend” meme. (Source: Twitter)

Time and again, Netizens have turned something random into a viral sensation overnight. Ever wondered what exactly catches their fancy? Well, it sure is hard to guess. While some photos and videos are justified for their peculiarity — like the recent photo of Donald Trump shared by German Chancellor Angela Merkel from G7 summit that got meme-makers rolling — others are not.

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Remember their obsession with bad stock photos? The craze for another such viral photo doesn’t seem to die anytime soon. The meme in question is that of the ‘Unfaithful/Distracted Boyfriend’ that ruled 2017. While initially it was about relating it to various situations and giving it quirky twists, people later started spotting similar photos from the past. Now, Charlie Chaplin seems to have joined the bandwagon.

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Confused, right? Well it happened when someone came across a similar still, where Chaplin is looking at a woman passing by, even as another lady accompanies him.

Take a look here.

Soon, Tweeple went crazy sharing the image and couldn’t stop obsessing over it. However, to make it look exactly similar, someone even ‘fixed it’ by flipping it.

And even before you know it, it led to another round of “unfaithful boyfriend” memes — this time, featuring the celebrated actor-director. Sample these:

The clip is from Charlie Chaplin’s 1922 film Pay Day, and you can watch the entire film on YouTube. For those interested, here’s a smaller clip:


Seen another version of this “unfaithful boyfriend” meme elsewhere? Tell us in the comments below.