‘Can you make me look better?’ Photoshop master’s reply to girl ‘bullied’ for her looks wins the Internet

A girl decided to take the help of photoshop artist James Fridman to alter her appearance a bit. Shedding light on her problem in a mail, she apologetically told him she wanted him to "make her look at least somewhat better".

By: Trends Desk | New Delhi | Published: October 24, 2017 8:35:35 pm

photoshop, bullied girl, bullied girl to look better, bullied girl photoshop to look better, beauty shaming, look shaming, bullying girl, indian express, indian express news James Fridman won many hearts online for his motivating words to a young girl, who was being bullied for her looks. (Source: Twitter)


Looks are not all that defines a person. However, many people tend to judge and are even themselves judged on appearance, height, weight, and so on. Sometimes the reactions come in stares and expressions, and on others, through disparaging remarks – all hurtful, which can soon turn into intense bullying. This is also one of the main reasons for depression and mental harassment.

One such incident came to the fore when a girl decided to take the help of Photoshop artist James Fridman to alter her appearance in a picture because she was constantly being made fun of. Explaining the reason behind her query in an email, she apologetically told him she wanted him to “make her look at least somewhat better.” Read what she wrote here:

“Dear James,
I’m really sorry to bother you, but I’m always being made fun of for something.. especially some of my team mates and classmates. Whether it’s about something I said or wore, or even just how I look (hair, teeth, acne, weight, etc). It’s been making certain things even worse than they’ve been in the past…So, I was wondering if you had the time.. could you maybe make me look at least somewhat better? Again, I’m really sorry to bug you with this as I’m sure you have many more requests that are more important. Sorry again.”

However, Fridman stumped her and many social media users with his motivating message in response to her.

“You shouldn’t feel the need to make yourself ‘look at least somewhat better’ to satisfy standards set by a bunch of pitiful and insecure bullies who diminish others in order to raise themselves up. What others think of you, depends on how you see yourself. Focus on something you do better than others, it will help you build confidence and make you stronger,” he wrote.

Take a look at his tweet here.

Trying their best to boost and motivate the young girl, people went on to post heartfelt messages on Twitter after Fridman shared the images on the micro-blogging site.

Famous for his comical replies to requests sent on social media, Fridman helped to raise awareness and morally uplift the young girl with his beautiful words. Don’t you think so?

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