Move over carrot-nosed snowmen, Farah the desi snow woman is breaking the internet

Move over carrot-nosed snowmen, Farah the desi snow woman is breaking the internet

Brampton-based "desi snow girl" or "Farah the snow Jatti" has been viewed across the world as her pictures were shared on different social media.

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Many women said they were ‘jealous’ of Jatti’s beautiful eye-lashes! (Source: @isha__singh__/Twitter)

People building snowmen to celebrate winter isn’t unusual, but an Indian family in Canda built a snow woman and gave it a bridal makeover! Naturally, it’s being shared on multiple social media and people across the globe are talking about it.

Brampton-based “desi snow girl” or “Farah the snow Jatti” has is getting attention thanks to her bright red dupatta, strip eye-lashes and golden ornaments that include a choker and jhumkas. She also has a maang tika and a pearl nose-ring.

The photos went viral after a Twitter user @isha_singh_ shared three photos of the unique snow woman saying, “Forget Frosty the snowman we got Farah the snow Jatti up in here.” With over 86,000 likes at the time of writing, the photos also have been shared by multiple accounts on several platforms.

Here’s how people reacted to the photo:

The Twitter user said that she’d discovered the snow woman on her friend’s Jassu Kingra’s Instagram timeline.

“My friend Daljit [Waraich] came from India and it was her first winter here in Brampton!” 19-year-old Kingra told Toronto based local website, BlogTO. “And my friend wanted to show her family in India, so we had to make it perfect and show her family that Canada is the best even during the winter!”

Kingra made the snow woman with the help of her two younger sisters Navi and Bini. They first built a three-tiered snow model and later added “jewellery and false lashes—perfect to promote their respective beauty and jewellery-focused Instagram business accounts.”