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Boy’s reaction to receiving a puppy on his 12th birthday is wholesome to watch

The boy’s wish came true as his family surprised him with a dog on his 12th birthday.

Boy, dog, puppy, surprise, birthday, family, wholesomeThe boy couldn’t believe that he got a dog on his birthday.

Almost everyone wished for a dog while growing up. Kids bond a lot with dogs as they become inseparable friends.

In a sweet video posted on Twitter, a boy was surprised with a dog by his family on his birthday. The boy had been begging for a dog since he was three years old, it is explained via text inserts on the video. On his 12th birthday, his wish came true as his family gifted him a dog.

The video was posted on Twitter by @Thund3rB0lt on Thursday and it has received more than 1.5 million views so far.

The video begins with the boy opening a present. He sees that he has been gifted dog toys. The person recording the video says to him, “You need a dog bud.” Just then a man comes into the room holding a puppy in his arms.

The boy can’t believe that he got a dog on his birthday. He feels overwhelmed and says, “I’m going to cry.” The video is emotional and heart-melting to watch.

“His Birthday wish came true… and it was the best wish ever,” said the tweet.

Watch the video below:

“That kid smiled and acted excited and appreciative to receive dog toys for his birthday! THAT is a sweet kid! I’d be so proud to be his parent. He deserves the puppy!” commented a Twitter user.

“Who’s chopping onions? Stop it right now! So sweet, you know from his reaction that him and that little pup are going to be the best of friends,” wrote another.


“How fantastic. A friend for life and one he will so love. Time and meaningful times to the whole family,” read another comment.

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“This is precious! Omg his reaction was wholesome level 3000!” another netizen shared.

First published on: 12-08-2022 at 10:06:17 am
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