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Thursday, December 12, 2019

Viral video: Boy left emotional after seeing colours for first time with special glasses

“I’m so happy for you … that is so awesome. I told you it’s going to be a little emotional,” the principal is heard saying as he moved offered to soothe the boy with a hug.

By: Trends Desk | New Delhi | Published: November 24, 2019 1:15:59 pm
colour blindness, colour blind boy sees colours first time, kid sees color first time, principal gives own glasses colorblind kid, viral videos, indian express As the video went viral, people raised money not only for his new glasses for also for those can’t afford it with the same condition.

A video of a colour-blind school student’s reaction after seeing colours for the first time with help from specially designed glasses has left netizens emotional. Jonathan Jones, 12, was asked by his principal, who suffers from the same condition,  to try out his glasses during class.

When he puts on the glasses, Jones became overwhelmed and wouldn’t stop crying.

“I’m so happy for you … that is so awesome. I told you it’s going to be a little emotional,” the principal is heard saying as he hugs Jones.

The heartwarming exchange was caught on camera, and once shared online, it quickly went viral. The incident happened at Lakeview Public School in Cottonwood, Minnesota  when the students were learning about colourblindness in their science class.


The video also showed how his teacher and friends encouraged him to check out the colourful periodical table and a painting kept on the desk in the class. The family of the boy was grateful and touched by the principal’s heartwarming gesture and couldn’t thank him enough.

“This is just a great example of the huge impact that teachers can have on kids. We need to pay our teachers more; they more than deserve it,” the brother of the boy wrote on Twitter sharing the video, which was watched over 7 million times. The family also started a GoFundMe page to sponsor the new glasses for the boy, however, when flooded with overwhelming donations, they decided to contribute the excess funds to others with similar visual impairment, who can’t afford it.

The video was shared by thousands of people online and many not only lauded the principal for his selfless act but also highlighted how teachers often go above and beyond to ensure their student’s betterment.

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