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‘Take a movie, leave a movie’: Box filled with DVDs and VHS tapes of iconic films leaves netizens excited

With a mission "to combat the myth of scarcity by providing free entertainment to as many people as possible", Free Blockbuster movement has spread across USA and places in Canada and Australia.

free movie library, free video library, take a movie leave a movie, free blockbuster, viral news, good news, indian expressIn a concept similar to the "free library" of taking and leaving books, people are sharing their DVD collection with community.

With more and more people stuck at home, TV shows and movies are keeping people entertained. While streaming platforms have made it easier for them to consume content from around the world, it doesn’t come cheap. So, recently when an American culture critic spotted a box offering some iconic films for free, he naturally “gasped”.

Scott Meslow was pleasantly surprised to see a box filled with many DVDs and VHS tapes of films with a simple message: ‘Take a movie, Leave a movie’. From Mummy to Star Wars, the rich contents inside the box for cinema lovers not only impressed him but also people on Twitter.

The free blockbuster box was installed outside a video games shop is called Heroic Goods & Games in south Minneapolis. The owner of the store, Paul Zenisek, replied to the Meslow’s post and thanked him for spreading the news. The box is a part of Free Blockbuster movement.

Talking to a local media, Racket M N, the owner, said he has seen firsthand that even in the streaming age, there’s still a demand for the “tactile” experience for discs and videocassettes. “We sell used movies in the store and we have people stopping in from the neighborhood regularly for them,” he said, adding, there has been an overwhelming response.

The Free Blockbuster initiative was started three years ago first in Los Angeles, when a former Blockbuster employee and VHS tape collector noticed unused newspaper boxes in the town. He stacked a friend’s excess movies in a box in 2019 and the concept was born.

Now, in 2021, bright blue boxes full of free DVDs and VHS tapes have been popping up not just in many states in the USA but also elsewhere. According to its website, the initiative has crossed over to not just neighbouring Canada but even Australia.

In a concept similar to the “free library” of taking and leaving books, they have grown to over 1,00,000 boxes, where Free Blockbuster is bringing back the community aspect of the video store from the last two decades.

With a mission “to combat the myth of scarcity by providing free entertainment to as many people as possible”, their offering without any money involved is winning the internet.

First published on: 25-08-2021 at 18:04 IST
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