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Why the sex life of Bombay night frogs caught Stephen Colbert’s eye

You might want to keep your tadpoles away for this one.

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Stephen Colbert, during his late night show on CBS, spoke at length about a recent research on frog sex positions. (Source: YouTube)

Talk show host Stephen Colbert recently drew attention to India on his late night show. More specifically, to a research Indian scientists on sex positions — of frogs.

Colbert, who is a late night show host on the American television network CBS, took a hilarious take on the research by the experts on amphibians at the University of Delhi.

Colbert introduced a new segment, ‘Beast Reality’, on his show to talk about the frogs’ new sex position Dorsal straddle. 

Stephen’s segment and his satire-heavy reputation that precedes him might make you think if this information is fake. But a team of experts who spent forty days observing the mating positions of Bombay night frogs will tell you that it’s very real.

Watch here.

Statutory warning, in Colbert’s words, if there are any tadpoles in the room, you might want to cover what will eventually be their eyes.