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Monday, February 17, 2020

23 bizarre stories that made people extremely uncomfortable in 2017

While you come up with your mixed bag of reasons in the comments' section, we thought why not take a trip down the memory lane to look back at all that made news in the past year, so what if they left the readers squirming and extremely uncomfortable.

Updated: December 30, 2017 12:28:40 pm
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If we were to ask what set 2017 apart for you, what will your answer be? While you come up with your mixed bag of reasons in the comments’ section, we thought why not take a trip down the memory lane to look back at all that made news in the past year, so what if they left the readers squirming and extremely uncomfortable. So while you are prepping yourself for 2018, here is a look at all the bizarre stories of 2017.

The snake var mala

As if getting married is not a once-in-a-lifetime affair (for most) in itself, a couple from a remote village of Beed district in Maharashtra decided to get married by garlanding each other with, well nothing extra, but snakes! And if you thought this happened in 2017, then no, my friend. While the video went viral this year, they made history as they got married in 2010.

Electric heaters for the Gods

Taking theism to another level, the Janki Ghat Bada Sthan temple in Ayodhya set up an electric heater so that the gods inside aren’t affected by the harsh weather and cold conditions and the idols are also given ‘jalabhishek’ in hot water.

Cockroaches on the flight!

You must have come across people getting caught smuggling what-not at the airport, but 2017 decided to up the ante by throwing our way the news of a Chinese couple getting caught for carrying 200 cockroaches in the luggage. Yes, please drag that chair and sit down, because there is more coming.

Shaving eyelids

(Source: File Photo)

You know how barbers shaving your beards, giving you those suave and clean haircuts would never make news doing all that? Well, here is another barber who made news for shaving eyelids. Apparently, it is a traditional practice is known as “blade wash eyes” in Mandarin and appears to unblock moisturizing sebaceous glands along the rim of the eyelid. Oh, you need a glass of water? We got you, fam.

600+ nails in the stomach

While going to the hospital is a scary affair in itself for many, a 48-year-old man, suffering from schizophrenia, was operated at state-run Calcutta Medical College and Hospital by doctors who removed 639 nails, weighing over a kilogram, from his stomach.

The labia skin necklace

You know how the medical fraternity encourage mothers to preserve the umbilical cord and placenta of the newborn and storing it for future medical uses? Well, Tracy Kiss, a blogger and trainer, decided to remove the extra skin of her labia and turn it into a single pendant. Oh, as you look for something to hold on to, she also managed to record the entire process. Yes, you can faint now.

Not gaumutra, but mutra

This might make you reconsider ordering to contain your midnight pangs. In China, a delivery boy out on duty got so hungry that he decided to slurp away the hungry customer’s soup and well, replaced it with his piss. The incident took place on the occasion of Chinese Valentines Day.

Get your eyeballs licked clean

If the news of eyeballs beings shaved made you spit blood, then here’s another one — An 80-year-old, Nana Hava, from a village in Bosnia and Herzegovina, claims to be able to lick your eyeballs clean of pieces of iron, coal, lead, sawdust and even glass.

Reincarnated as a cow, and still the same wife?

Taking her love for her deceased husband to an unfathomable level, a woman in Cambodia decided to marry a calf after she was convinced it was her husband’s reincarnation. The 74-year-old woman was shattered after her husband Tol Khut’s sudden demise over a year ago in the northeastern Kratie Province. “When I went to see a medium, his soul came in and said ‘I am your husband’. Then I noted that he (the calf) licked my hair, then my neck, then kissed me so that really made me believe that he is my husband,” she told Reuters.


If you are of the school of thought that asking somebody’s religion or gender on an application form is not required unless proven absolutely necessary, then this might just blow your lid off. Indira Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences in Patna, asked their women candidates “if they are virgins” in a marriage declaration form. One of the three such bizarre declarations read “That I am bachelor/widower/virgin” and another was “That I am married and have more than one wife.”

The croc bride

(Source: File Photo)

If you thought the Cambodian woman getting married to a calf was a little too extra, then a Mexican Mayor decided to bring the game a notch higher by marrying a crocodile and even sealing the wedding with a kiss because it is believed it will bring good luck and prosperity to local fishermen.

A sh*tty affair

If these news did not make the cut for bizarre for you, then congrats, you are thick-skinned. But we gotta keep trying, so here you go — Surgeons removed a section of a Chinese man’s colon that measured 76cm long and weighed 13kg after a CT scan detected large amounts of fecal matter stored in the 22-year-old’s colon!

A human-calf

A calf was born in June with human-like features in an animal shelter in UP’s Muzaffarnagar and died an hour later. But devotees around worshipped and declared it the avatar of Lord Vishnu.

The Modi factor

(Source: File Photo)

Did you know Prime Minister Narendra Modi was the reason behind a couple calling off their wedding? Well, not per se, but a couple in Uttar Pradesh reportedly cancelled their wedding because one said the PM is responsible for India’s economic slowdown, the other disagreed.

Cash fodder… literally

If you thought demonetisation in itself was not tragic enough, then a goat decided to take matters into its own hands and make it worse for Sarvesh Kumar Pal, a farmer in Siluapur, and chewed away the 32 notes of Rs 2000 that he had kept in his pocket for construction work.

3 month terrorist?!

A three-month-old toddler was summoned the United States embassy in London in April for a ‘terrorist interrogation’. And all this happened because his granddad mistakenly described him as a “terrorist”. According to a Daily Mail report, 62-year-old Paul Kenyon accidentally marked ‘yes’ on the form that asked, “Do you seek to engage in or have you ever engaged in terrorist activities, espionage, sabotage, or genocide?”

Till rasgullas do us apart

Next in line for how weddings broke off for absolutely absurd reasons, on April 14 this year, in Kurmapur village about 70km from Lucknow, Shiv Kumar’s weeding was called off after his cousin was denied more than one serving of rasgullas by the bride’s relative who had been instructed to give only one to each guest. And the rest is history.

Porn play

In an incident that must have left quiet a handful of people scarred, government loudspeakers in Turkey started playing a porn background soundtrack in Kastamonu, a city in Kastamonu province in the northern part of Turkey.

Happy V-Day, Mom!

You know how people in India have harboured pretty conservative views on celebrating Valentine’s Day? Well, this year, a Madhya Pradesh collector set the benchmark by issuing a notice asking people to worship their parents on this day instead of celebrating it otherwise.

Live earring

(Source: File Photo)

Taking absurdity several levels higher, US-based Ashley Glawe decided to get selfies clicked when her ‘pet’ ball python snake, whom she lovingly has named Bart, decided to slither into her ear piercing hole. In case you have difficulty even imagining this, then we have got you covered, yet again.

The pen with all the answers

You know students around the beginning of the year start fretting over writing exams and obviously, passing them? A temple in Gujarat decided to step up to the occasion and started selling Rs 1,900 ‘magical pen set’ for students to pass exams.

Sleep with a brahmin!

It is not unusual to see people believing in self-proclaimed godmen and ‘astrologers’ for finding a quick fix to their problems. But when Ramakrishna Sharma of Bengaluru suggested a woman to “sleep with a Brahmin” to solve her problems, well he got arrested, and only rightly so.

Selfie bitten

At a time when people are obsessed with selfies, a French tourist decided to click one with a crocodile while visiting Khao Yai National Park in Thailand and in the process almost got bitten by it. She squatted near the reptile, clicked her picture and was getting up when it lunged for her left leg as she tipped to one side. Yes, do we need to emphasise more on the perils of people’s obsession with clicking selfies.

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