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Friday, January 15, 2021

Best of 2019: From ‘JCB ki Khudayi’ to ‘Angry Pakistani fan’, memes that took social media by storm this year

Whether it was Priyanka Chopra’s look at Met Gala or a Pakistani fan’s expression at the ICC World Cup or just people watching videos of JCB excavating, most random things became fodder for hilarious memes in 2019.

By: Trends Desk | New Delhi | Updated: December 31, 2019 12:07:38 pm
Best memes of the year that got everyone talking online.

Remember that grumpy looking cricket fan when Pakistan lost a crucial match against Australia at the ICC Cricket World Cup in England, or Priyanka Chopra’s “bird’s nest” hairdo at Met Gala 2019? With a very high recall value, the power of memes seems to have a rather long lasting impact than the actual event.

As the year comes to an end, here’s a list of memes that ruled social media this year. In case you have lost track or forgotten what were immortalized through popular memes in 2019, a year in which there were many viral moments, here are the best ones that dominated the internet both in India and worldwide.

Here are the top memes of 2019:

10-year challenge

The new year began with a bang with this viral hashtag where people became nostalgic looking back at how things have changed in the past ten years. While the challenge began with multiple names and hashtags in January such as #HowHardDidAgingHitYou challenge, the aging challenge and #GlowUp, has been trending ever since. From celebrities, brands to people, many are posting their pictures of 2009 and 2019 showcasing the changes they have gone through in the past 10 years.

Baby Yoda

Although a latecomer in 2019 memes list, Baby Yoda from Disney+’s The Mandalorian has hooked people all across the globe for its cuteness. With adorable eyes and pointed ears, the little green character from the show is melting hearts online.

JCB ki Khudayi

#JCBKiKhudayi is arguably one of the most random, rather bizarre meme trend that took social media by storm in India this year. It all began when a Twitter user noticed the number of views videos of JCB excavators collected on YouTube. And in no time, the post went viral with many sharing JCB memes. However, a few believed it was because of Sunny Leone’s picture that started the viral meme trend.

Angry Pakistani fan

During the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019, a Pakistani fan was seen staring at his team with anger as they struggled on the field in a match against Australia. Millions of cricket buff around the globe saw his expression on television screens and ICC’s Twitter handle acknowledging it was enough to make him go viral on social media. Not only his reaction dominated the whole tournament, it later turned into a merchandise and kept coming back in every situation throughout the year.

Woman yelling at the cat

If you have been an avid social media user, there is no way you haven’t come across the ‘Woman Yelling at Cat’ meme, a template created with two unrelated snapshots from not so popular posts but deadly when combined. And even though it first appeared mid-year, as the year was coming to an end its popularity soared and desi users used it not just in its original template but also kick-started a photoshop battle online.

Gonna tell my kids

Much like the ‘wrong answers only’ meme, the inaccurate references to many popular ideas and celebrity gave birth to these viral meme, leaving many in splits around the world. From serious politicians to desi meme-makers, this is one of the funniest meme that took social media by storm this year.

Arya Stark’s ‘Not Today’

As HBO’s hit show Game of Thrones came to an end after 8 years, fan bid an emotional goodbye to the show. While many catchy phrases became viral for its captivating moment on screen, bloopers for the final season too made a huge buzz. And among the many memes that dominated social media from the last season were Arya Stark’s line: Not Today, an angry Daenerys fuming and Kit Harrington’s reaction to Jon Snow killing Daenerys among others.

Met Gala 2019 memes

Celebrities turn up on the red carpet at New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art every year to celebrate fashion and art. And amid a plethora of elaborate costumes to honour and capture the theme, it leads to hilarious memes and this year was no different. When it came to bizarre and wildest sartorial choices for the “Camp: Notes on Fashion”, it may have been the most memeable Met Gala ever. Katy Perry’s ‘burger’ dress to Priyanka Chopra’s “bird’s nest” hairdo, from make-up to dresses there were no dearth of meme material this year.

Paragliding man

A hilarious video of an Indian man repeatedly requesting the instructor to make him land while paragliding had gone viral online in late August and triggered several memes online. Not just his remarks from the viral video when he was scared garnered a lot of attention in the following months, it went on to become one of the viral moment in India this year.

Really, really, really memes

A totally silly and random meme got international and national brands engaged with its users online earlier this year posing a question after scores of really. The ‘really really really’ meme gained popularity in January on Twitter in which people write what they want after typing the word “really” multiple times to create a wave pattern. In India, while it worked in favour for some brands, others met with trolling online for using the popular meme template.

Nancy Pelosi’s clap

A video of US Speaker Nancy Pelosi applauding US President Donald Trump became an instant viral sensation in February and refused to die throughout the year. As the POTUS delivered his State of the Union (SOTU) address, it wasn’t his speech that got everyone talking online as much as Pelosi’s gesture captured everyone’s attention.

First image of Black Hole

The first-ever picture of a black hole was unveiled before the world, and soon the blurry photo of the hole at the center of the Messier 87 galaxy — quickly became meme fodder as people drew comparisons with many things. While for some the fiery orange and black photo was close to The Eye of Sauron, to others it reminded them of vada and bagel.

Virat Kohli folded hands

At the ICC World Cup 2019, Indian skipper Virat Kohli’s expression when India lost its Decision Review System (DRS) review in a match against Afghanistan went viral. The skipper was seen briefly arguing with the umpire before he appeared to be pleading with folded hands. It soon drew attention of meme-makers and became one of the top memes of the year in India.

Yuzvendra Chahal’s ‘chilling’

Another moment from the cricket world cup this year that went viral was Yuzvendra Chahal relaxing on the ground during a India vs Sri Lanka match. Although the bowler didn’t play in the match, he became the talking point online and his image from the field dominated on Twitter throughout the year.

People before things were invented

People on social media suddenly decided to show things were before some important essential item was discovered or invented giving it a hilarious twist.

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