Bata Pakistan faces backlash on social media for its SEXIST AD; issues public apology

Bata Pakistan faces backlash on social media for its SEXIST AD; issues public apology

A Bata ad in Pakistan with the punch line 'Womaniser and comfortable with it' brought the shoe brand under fire after many took to social media lambasting its sexist tone. The advertisement has since been taken down.

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The wrong foot forward: A Bata shoes ad in Pakistan with the punch line ‘Womaniser and comfortable with it’, generated a huge outrage. It has since been taken down. (Source: ragnar/Twitter)

Joining an increasing list of brands that have been lambasted for their sexist and gender inappropriate advertisements is Bata. The renowned shoe brand came under fire in Pakistan after one of its ads at a mall in Lahore was heavily criticised for being insensitive towards women and sexist. The ad – which has now been taken down – showed a suited man shod in Bata shoes with the tag line, “Womaniser and comfortable with it”.

Unsurprisingly, people were quite upset with the line and many took to social media platforms to express their disapproval, calling the brand out for its blatant sexism. While one wrote “Shocking @batashoes ad in Pakistan! Share & tell @batashoes to take it down, issue a public apology and fire the advertising agency!”, another wrote “Ugh this is gross, treating women like they don’t matter is appealing to a show I guess”.

Following the social media outrage, the brand issued a public apology. The poster was subsequently taken down and replaced.

Here is the picture that caused such outrage on social media.

Check out some of the reactions to the ad that did the rounds on Twitter.



On November 18, Bata Pakistan issued a public apology which was posted on its Facebook page: “Please accept our sincere apologies for the inconvenience you may have experienced in respect to the poster which was printed out of Pakistan & inadvertently displayed at our Packages Mall outlet. The poster was removed and replaced immediately. At Bata we take pride in ensuring our customer’s satisfaction and we deeply value their sentiments.”

Unfortunately, such instances of global brands showcasing ads with strong sexist strains are not uncommon. This year alone has seen prominent names such as Dove and Jack and Jones come out with advertisements that have earned them the public’s ire. While Dove had a Black woman transforming herself to a ‘White’ version with the use of its body lotion, the clothing brand showed actor Ranveer Singh carry a woman over his shoulders to the punch line, ‘Do Not Hold Back, Take Your Work Home’.


It’s really surprising how time after time such creatives manage to sneak through layers of checks by ad makers and hit the stands.