From writers to dieticians, people are sharing #BadStockPhotosOfMyJob and it is hilarious!

From writers to dieticians, people are sharing #BadStockPhotosOfMyJob and it is hilarious!

Scientists, teachers, doctors, dietitians and journalists — people are taking to Twitter to share some of the worst stocks pictures that depict their jobs and the result seems to be hilarious.

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These #BadStockPhotosOfMyJob are so bad that they are good. (Source: nilsoceanic/Twitter)

Social media users seem to have become experts at playing the meme game. So, when bizarre stock images grabbed eyeballs on the Internet, how could Netizens let go of the golden opportunity? Scientists, teachers, doctors, dietitians and journalists, many people took to Twitter to share hilarious photos of their professions depicted in those images that seemed to be nowhere close to the real job.

According to a report in iflscience, Biophysics professor Nicole Paulk was apparently one of the first to have used the hashtag and many followed suit. People on social media are sharing bad stock photos of their jobs with the hashtag #BadStockPhotosOfMyJob and it then went viral.

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While one, perhaps a dietician, wrote, “Obviously my job as a dietitian is to size up a big bowl of fruits with measuring tapes whilst very appropriately wearing my apron lab coat. Are you eating your 150 cm worth of fruit everyday?” another wrote, “This picture is very accurate. As a journalist I do indeed sit around in an empty room on a typewriter all day, wearing a fedora and suspenders and put one finger up whenever I finish writing a sentence.”


Meanwhile, an aquatic summed it up perfectly in his sarcastic tweet: “As an aquatic #ecologist I’m always wearing a cleanroom suit when sampling in nature. In addition, I’m indeed able to identify #phytoplankton communities with the naked eye.” Check out some more reactions here.

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