Ready for Avengers: Infinity War? Fans list MUST WATCH superhero movies list as prep

Ready for Avengers: Infinity War? Fans list MUST WATCH superhero movies list as prep

With the countdown to Avengers: Infinity War having already begun, an SOS tweet from a fan started a refresher course list of superhero movies to watch, so that you don't miss even a single reference, symbolism, jokes and Easter eggs in the upcoming movie.

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Are you Avengers-ready? Twitterati give you a refresher list ahead of the Marvel mega movie — Avengers: Infinity War. (Source: MarvelStudios/Twitter)

Marvel fanatics are going gaga after every other update on the Avengers: Infinity War, in which some of the most popular superheroes will come together to fight against Thanos. While many are happy that the film included the cast of Black Panther, others have been talking about several other characters they have missed in the trailers thus far. During the movie promotions, Chris Hemsworth, Thor, revealed that Infinity War will have 76 characters, which is an insanely huge number. Leading to which even the Marvel Studios then went on to say how it is the greatest or the most ambitious crossover in history, with characters from more than 20 movies coming together!

While ardent fans would have watched all the movies to prepare themselves for any references, cross-links and Easter eggs that would undoubtedly be peppered across the movie, there are still a fair chunk of fans who might not have watched every single movie made with all these characters. And that is why this current discussion on Twitterverse is extremely important.

After a seemingly SOS tweet from Gabi Harris, asking for a refresher course suggestion, a bunch of fans have gotten together to discuss which are the “most essential” movies that should be seen to be Avengers-ready. Check these out:

Here are the answers.

Now, do YOU feel Avengers-ready!