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Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Vacationing in times of lockdown: Australian family takes a ‘virtual’ flight to Munich

Nathan Russell, a school teacher on sabbatical came up with the idea and even printed in-flight menus and boarding pass for the journey. Taking to Twitter, his wife Kirsty Russell shared the family's virtual travel experience.

By: Trends Desk | New Delhi | Updated: April 17, 2020 12:59:26 pm
covid-19. coronavirus, Australia, Australian family, virtual flight, lockdown, creative ideas, trending Using recliners Nathan set up the lounge room to replicate the aircraft cabin and made his three children in charge of the security and bag check-in.

An Australian family decided to go on vacation amid the ongoing coronavirus lockdown. However, instead of actually travelling to the location, the family recreated a virtual 15-hour flight from Sydney to Munich.

The idea was the brainchild of Nathan Russell, a school teacher. Russell even printed “in-flight menus” and “boarding passes” for the journey. Taking to Twitter, his wife Kirsty Russell shared the family’s virtual travel experience in a thread on the microblogging website.

“So, we’re 3 hours into our virtual flight from Sydney to Munich. My husband came up with the brilliant idea of spending 15 hours together as a family on a simulated flight and has gone all out to make it awesome. Surprisingly, the kids have been on board with this so far,” she tweeted.

Using recliners, Nathan set up the lounge room to replicate the aircraft cabin and gave his three children the charge of the security and bag check-in duties. “We went through a security gate before being seated in our “Lounge Room Air” economy seat. The motto being “the air is free, everything else is extra,” Kirsty tweeted.

According to the Guardian, the idea dawned upon Russell after the family had to cancel their holiday that they had been planning for five years. “It started as a joke but it has actually been quite fun,” Russell told the news website. “We thought the kids would not be into it at all. But they have embraced it.”

“Despite being 3 hours into the flight, the kids have stayed put and seem to be having fun. It’s the longest time we’ve actually been together in the same room, even in enforced isolation,” Kirsty tweeted while sharing pictures of their children.

For dinner, the kids were served cheeseburgers and fries in alfoil trays similar to that given in flights.

Like for the Russells, the coronavirus pandemic has hampered several travel plans, weddings and concerts of people around the globe. Last month, a couple whose anniversary plans on a cruise was cancelled due to the outbreak found a creative way to celebrate the occasion.

As the travel plan was cancelled, their daughter decided to recreate the scene and set up a “fake cruise” for them from the comforts of their home. In a video, the retired couple David and Norma Trill are seen sitting in front of a television in bathrobes and watching the footage of a sea while sipping wine. “Cruise cancelled? No problem,” tweeted their daughter Jane Trill while sharing the video.

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