Can you spot the SIX hidden soldiers in this picture?

Can you spot the SIX hidden soldiers in this picture?

Are you good at solving puzzles? This image on Twitter posted by British Army's Household Cavalry is a great test of your eyesight and puzzle-solving abilities. Go on, give it a try!

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Take up the quiz. (Source: Twitter)

Think you have great eyesight? Well, if the last time we put it to test you scored well on our quiz (take it again here), then don’t get too smug, because the latest picture doing the rounds on the Internet has proved to be quite a tough cookie to crack.

Though it’s been a while, the British Army’s Household Cavalry posted a picture on Twitter asking people to find six soldiers in the frame. Now, we all know that army men and women have pretty much perfected the art of camouflage, and this picture is a prime example of that. But Netizens are not one to shy away from a challenge, and they put on their Sherlock hats, took out their pipe, and soon got sniffing in the woods.

Of course, not all could spot all the soldiers, and to help people out, the Household Cavalry posted another picture with the officers partially revealed.

Soon after that, the guessing game picked up pace and people started posting their answers.

The Household Cavalry finally took pity on all those guessing and pointed the brave soldiers out.

Well, 2017 might be over, but this was a fun way to end it, right? Here’s looking forward to many more puzzles and riddles that would capture our attention this year.