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Sunday, December 05, 2021

April Fool Banaya: How Ola, Google and PornHub fooled customers on April Fools’ Day

A lot of popular brands pulled pranks on their unassuming customers by using social media to their advantage. Which ones did you fall for?

By: Express Web Desk | New Delhi |
April 2, 2016 6:51:24 pm
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April 1 is one date on the calendar when it is wise to be on your guard — with the potential onslaught of practical jokes from friends and family waiting in all corners. However, often, a prank takes you by surprise when you least expect it — and from someone you least expect it from. Every year, brands find ways to fool their customers on April 1, usually with great success. This year too, a lot of brands called their customers’ bluff — some quite subtle and smart, others hilarious. These are the best corporate pranks pulled in 2016.

PornHub turns to CornHub

cornhub unilad co uk 2

PornHub offered its consumers a different kind of porn for a change — food porn, or rather corn porn. PornHub was all about corn on April 1. The puns and the word-play are spot on and hilarious.

WaterAid launches ‘manpons’

Menstruation and sexual hygiene are still taboo topics worldwide. Last year, WaterAid — an NGO promoting safe sanitation and drinking water — ran an advert prompting people to think what if men had periods too. This year, they took the conversation further ahead by releasing tampons for men — called Manpons — in 375 shopping centres. This is one prank with a social conscience. Watch the video here.

Google’s self driving bicycle

Google has big plans for its and the world’s future. You may have already heard of Google Glass and its futuristic technology, apart from some notable others — especially self-driven cars. So, no one really questioned Google’s announcement of the development of a self-driven bicycle. Watch the video here.

Donald Trump to pay $1 million to every American if he’s voted in

There is no dearth of ‘Trumpisms’ — Donald Trump’s foot-in-the-mouth moments and controversial propositions — on this website, or elsewhere on the Internet. For those closely following the US Presidential race — and even those not — controversial statements by Donald Trump won’t really come as a surprise. That’s probably why this spoof by didn’t really raise too many eyebrows. “I will be the greatest wealth president in the history of the United States,” Trump said as he put forth his intention to offer a “one-time, one-million-dollar bonus to every man, woman and child” of the United Statesas one of his first measures as sworn-in president. “Instead of spending a ton of money on stuff from China, if every American would spend a million dollars on American-made goods, we would solve the trade deficit, create millions of jobs and make this country great again.” Watch the video here.

Urban Ladder Mattress Tester

After this job vacancy surfaced online, people have been tagging people on social media on this post writing “Isn’t this your dream job?” and “Dude, this is your dream job” and “This is just for you.” The job profile that has gone viral is of a ‘Sr Mattress Tester’ posted by Urban Ladder, a furniture company. People got particularly excited after reading the “Desired Skills and Experience” section, which asks applicants to have profound “love for sleeping that would put Kumbhakarna to shame.” Read more here.

Ola Rooms

The extensively utilised taxi-booking service, Ola, unveiled its latest service — Ola rooms — capitalising on its philosophy of addressing simple, daily-life problems. In this case, easy booking of affordable mobile rooms — rooms that travel — is what Ola aimed to revolutionise. The video released by Ola has everyone wishing they do come up with something like Ola rooms in the future. Watch the video here.

Blackberrys Unwrinkler

How many times have you wished that every object of utility be made portable? The thought will have crossed your mind at least once while stuffing clothes into your travel bag. Blackberry’s Unwrinkler, therefore, felt like a heaven-sent innovation. Blackberry’s official website said that the Unwrinkler — priced at Rs 999 — is a palm-sized travel iron making it the smallest steam iron in the world. Smaller than a computer mouse, designed to look like an electric shaver; the iron can unobtrusively fit into your pocket. The unit heats up in less than a minute and it has three temperature settings for ironing every kind of fabric including silk, wool, cotton, and linen, and emits burst of steam with the touch of a button.

TrulyMadly Eau De Amour

Folklore, stories and myths have often sought to educate us on the curious ways on love — and most of them involve a terrible backfiring of the use of a love potion. TrulyMadly — a popular dating app — released ‘Eau De Amour’ — which they promised would attract the opposite sex, not unlike Axe deodorant advertisements. The YouTube video contains a link to the official website. That’s when things start getting interesting.Watch the video here.

Google’s Mic Drop

Google tries its best to be as creative as possible, however, this time one of its pranks backfired — causing real damage to its users. Gmail released a ‘send + mic drop’ button, placing it very close to to the actual send button. Many people accidentally clicked on it, losing jobs in the process. The feature sends a mic-dropping Minion to the recipient and prevents any further communication on the thread. Many Gmail users — unaware of the prank — didn’t receive the prank too kindly, with some wanting to sue Google for its lack of foresight.

Ansell condoms

Ansell — a condom company — released an ad with its heart in the right place, aimed at recycling and environmental conservation. It benevolently asked its users to mail back their used condoms to them in an envelope — taking care of recycling as well as offering the mailers a 20 per cent discount on their next purchase. Watch the video here.

Nearbuy offers

Nearbuy — an experience-discovery app — launched two innovative, rib-tickling pranks for its consumers. One offer was to purchase a seven-day trial online item-dance guide which included a dance tutorial video and an e-book. The other offer gave Nearbuy customers a chance to win a fully sponsored photography tour to Ladakh, Kaziranga, Rann of Kutch and Andaman and Nicobar islands through a lucky draw. These offers were time-bound, zero-rupee deals and once bought, customers of the first offer received a video of a popular Hindi song “April fool banaya, tumko gussa aaya”. The lucky draw of the second offer got an online panoramic photo tour of Ladakh, Kaziranga, Rann of Kutch and Andaman & Nicobar respectively. Over 2,500 people enrolled for Dhak-Dhak dance academy and more than 10,000 booked their photo tours on Nearbuy.

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