Apple’s HomePod: The new Apple ‘smart’ speaker has Twitterati making weird comparisons

The cylindrical shape of Apple's HomePod has really confused social media. 

By: Trends Desk | New Delhi | Published: June 6, 2017 4:40:01 pm
Apple, Apple WWDC 2017,HomePod, twitter reactions, indian express, indian express news Pretty close, no? (Raz/ Twitter)

On Monday, after months of speculation, Apple launched its ‘smart’ speaker, the HomePod. Aimed to take on the likes of Amazon Echo and Google Home, the speaker is powered by Apple’s A8 processor, which is powerful to control a device like the smart HomePod.

With a total of six microphones and powered by Siri, the HomePod also operates as a home assistant, and can be used to send messages, receive updates about weather and news, and also control smart devices. Users can also interact with the device, and ask Siri if they have any queries. While this announcement met with great enthusiasm, it was the cylindrical shape of the HomePod that has really confused social media. Apple’s rather ambitious design did not go down well with Twitterati as they tried to understand its shape in their own (funny) way.

This is how the HomePod looks like.

Don’t you think it was only natural for the jokes and memes to pour in? Well they did, and how.
You get this right?

In case you did not, here. Subtlety is clearly not the key word here.

You must give it to him for his creativity.

And to him too.

Well, can we say Apple should have been more thoughtful, can we?

For those who cannot afford a Homepod, they can always use this. Just a suggestion.

Or maybe this – a very fancy trash can.

This analogy is actually very amusing.

Exorbitant cotton balls, anyone?

Even the exterior design of it was not spared.

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