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12-foot-long alligator swims in US waterpark on field trip from nearby zoo. Watch

The video of the 39-year-old alligator was originally shared on Facebook by Scovill Zoo located in Illinois.

Alligator swims in waterpark, crocodile, water park, Illinois, Scovill Zoo, Splash Cove, gator, nightmare, viral, trendingThe alligator swam in a US waterpark on a field trip from a nearby zoo.

Seeing an alligator in a waterpark is the stuff of nightmares. One can’t even imagine an alligator swimming in the clear pools of a waterpark meant for recreation. However, this is exactly what happened at a waterpark in the US that was closing for the season.

Gators Daily, a Twitter account, shared the video of the alligator using the shallow pool in a waterpark. The alligator is a long-time resident of a nearby zoo. The water park allowed the alligator to take a field trip to the park where it swam in the waters.

“A waterpark closing for the season let a longtime resident gator of a close by zoo take a field trip to their lazy river,” it said in the tweet.

Watch the video below:

The Twitter account also informed in another tweet that the pool was shut down for several weeks to let the chlorine burn off before draining the pools. So, it was safe for the reptile, it said.

“I’m not going to tell him to get out. You tell him,” commented a Twitter user sarcastically. “Wonder if the gator got to go down a water slide,” said another. “I’m sure he’s thinking how am I supposed to camouflage in this bright blue pool,” posted another netizen.

“I have this irrational fear where i think there are crocs or sharks below me when i’m swimming in water parks or pools,” another user shared. “Lazy river would be a much more exciting ride if they let the gator in there during the season,” said another person.

Scovill Zoo had originally posted the video of the alligator five days ago on their Facebook page. The alligator is named “G” and it is a resident of the zoo located in Decatur, Illinois. The alligator is 39 years old and weighs 300 pounds and is 12 feet long. It had the opportunity to visit Splash Cove and take a dip in the lazy river.

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“He loved freshening up on his swimming skills, floating in the river current, and let us know that he enjoyed his trip to the lazy river by refusing to leave. G finally decided to come out and then basked in the sun on the concrete deck for a few minutes before safely venturing back to his home at Scovill Zoo. We are pretty sure he had a big alligator smile and was loving life on his vacation day,” Scovill Zoo posted in the caption of the video.

First published on: 27-09-2022 at 05:33:50 pm
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