After the cat and the panda, can you now find the egg?

After the cat and the panda, can you now find the egg?

The famous illustrator threw Netizens in a tizzy with his egg puzzle just in time for Easter. Can you solve it?

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Can you find the egg? (Source: Dudolf/Facebook)

Illustrator Gergely Dudás (aka Dudolf) loves playing guessing games. No, we didn’t ask him, but how else would you explain his penchant for throwing the Internet in a tizzy ever so often with his mind-blowing puzzles?

Last year, his illustrations with a hidden panda, and another with a hidden cat took the Internet by storm, so when this time he came up with an egg and bunny puzzle just in time for Easter, imagine the Netizen’s excitement (or frustration, depending on whether the said person could figure out the solution or not).

So, why not give it a go yourself? Find the egg.

Happy Easter! :)Can you find the EGG amongst the bunnies?Original picture:…

Posted by Dudolf on Friday, 25 March 2016

Click here for the cat puzzle.

Click here for the panda puzzle.


If you’ve given up or want to make sure you’ve got the right answer, here’s the solution.