VIDEO: This ad gets slammed as RACIST for bears imitating African-American stereotypes

VIDEO: This ad gets slammed as RACIST for bears imitating African-American stereotypes

The five bears rapping and dancing to a 1995 hip-hop classic 'I Got Five On It' by Luniz will prove why this advertisement is a racist joke on African-Americans.

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Do you agree that the advertisement is racist? (Source: Müller/YouTube)

From showing Lord Ganesha eating meat to a beauty care brand’s racist fairness cream ad — many advertisements have struck the wrong note with viewers recently. Joining the brigade, a yoghurt and dessert making company launched its new ad and left many viewers perplexed with its hidden meaning. The video shows a group of five bears rapping and dancing to the 1995 hip-hop classic I Got Five On It by Luniz. However, the bears seem to be emulating African-Americans and hence, the ad has been slammed as “racist”.

Wondering how? To name a few things — the hairstyle that is frequently spotted in African-Americans, dreadlocks, and an afro, flat top and cornrows make it look like a mockery. Moreover, the fake accent and the bling is something that adds to making the racial caricature glaringly blatant. The bears in the video also have names like “Grizzle Wheat”, “Top Spelt”, “Mad Millet”, “Big Barley” and “Tasty B”.

Quick to spot it, Twitter users found it quite strange and didn’t miss the gig. Showing their disappointment on social media, people tweeted the company for their faulty act. Lee Jasper, the Senior Policy Advisor on Equalities of the former Mayor of London, pointed out the offensive video and complained about the advertisement. Read some reactions here.

Watch the video here. 

Despite the backlash, the company continued to push the campaign and has not removed the video from social media platforms yet.