Motorist gives Simpson’s driving license to police after being pulled over

Motorist gives Simpson’s driving license to police after being pulled over

Time and again, we have come across several stories about drivers breaking the law or carrying an illegal license. However, this motorist carrying Homer Simpson's driving license surpasses them all.

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Are you a fan of The Simpsons? This incident will leave you in splits. (Source: ThamesVP/Twitter)

If you were a ’90s kid, you might be familiar with Homer Simpson — the popular American dad from the animated sitcom The Simpsons. Remember how he was known for his lazy attitude and ignorant nature towards the world? Although Homer had many flaws, it seems unlikely that he would have dared to con a police officer with a fake identity card. Confused?

Well, a motorist in Milton Keynes, England, was pulled over during a routine security check. When the officer demanded his driving license, he handed a fake identity card of Homer Simpson to him with a bogus address and Homer’s classic ‘D’oh’ face. This incident was reported by the Thames Valley Police, a traffic officer in Milton Keynes, and he also shared a picture of the ID card on Twitter.

Although the incident has a funny undertone to it, playing with the law is illegitimate. The license had an address that is incorrectly listed as ’28 Springfield Way’. “Earlier this week, @tvprp‘s PC Phillips stopped a car in Milton Keynes. When she tried to identify the driver’s ID, she found the below…The driver’s car was seized and he was reported for driving with no insurance and driving without a proper licence. D’oh!”, Thames Valley Police wrote on Twitter.

As soon the picture surfaced on social media, Twitterati couldn’t hold back their amusement. One pun-loving Twitter user responded, “Marg….inal offence I would say”. Meanwhile another user said, “Clearly a fake. Homer lives at 742 Evergreen Terrace”.

Doesn’t the incident bring back funny memories of the famous TV show. Which was your favourite part? Tell us in the comments below.