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‘We’re like a big dysfunctional family’: 13 strangers venture on a 10-hr road trip as flight gets cancelled

Alanah Story, a college graduate in the group, started documenting the ‘crazy’ journey from Orlando to Knoxville on TikTok, and users were amused by the unforeseen circumstances.

strangers goes on road trip, stranded passengers on road trip, adventure, travel, indian expressAlanah Story, college graduate started documenting the journey on TikTok and users were amused with the unforseen circumstances.
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It was an unexpected flight cancellation that scripted a different story for 13 passengers who were left stranded at an airport in Orlando, United States. They were devastated as they needed to reach Knoxville for several reasons.

A woman among them named Amy came forward and shouted “anyone who wanted to try driving north to the final destination” may join her and travel in a rented vehicle, a Today report said.

The 13 strangers among the passengers got together, rented a minivan, and set out to travel on the road for more than 10 hours. While it may sound like a movie plot, one of the travellers documented their journey on social media, raking up millions of views.

“When they first told me I looked at them like they were crazy, I’m like, ‘You want to get into this big van with a bunch of random strangers?'” Mikayla told CNN Travel. Joined together in surprising circumstances, the 13 people of different ages, from different backgrounds were united to reach the destination. After they set out on the journey in a 15-seater rented van, they started developing a rapport.

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“We got a really good vibe because these are regular normal wholesome people trying to get home and having things that they need to take care of,” Carlos told CNN. Alanah Story, a college graduate, started documenting the journey on TikTok, and users were amused by the unforeseen circumstances.

“If I thought that this was crazy, I knew other people might think it’s crazy also,” Alanah was quoted as saying by CNN. “And so I just figured, this is a very unique bunch of people, we’re all very different. So I don’t know, maybe other people would want to see it too because things like this just don’t happen on the regular.”

“We were like a big dysfunctional family,” another passenger named Michelle told CNN. “It was fun.”

First published on: 08-12-2022 at 18:37 IST
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