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Thursday, July 19, 2018

#JusticeForSushant trends as social media backs family of Amity student who killed self

Sushant Rohilla wrote an email to the chairman of his college begging for mercy.

Written by Hemani Bhandari | Updated: August 17, 2016 5:56:52 pm
Sushant Rohilla allegedly committed suicide on August 10, 2016 Sushant Rohilla allegedly committed suicide on August 10, 2016

Sushant Rohilla, a 21-year-old BA LLB student from Amity Law School, IP University, hanged himself on August 10 at his residence in Sarojini Nagar, Delhi. In his suicide note, he reportedly wrote he was a failure and did not wish to live.

But his sister Mehak Rohilla shared an email he sent to the college wherein he requested them to not debar him from semester examinations due to shortage of attendance. “Please do not debar me, it will hamper my life to unimaginable extent. Please help me sir, if I get debarred, I might not mentally survive this,” he wrote in the email on May 11.

Mehak shared the email on Facebook, which has massively been shared on social media platforms, with people asking for #JusticeForSushant. “My little one was begging for mercy.. And for what! To be able to sit for exams! Every academic year matters to student. And he put his heart and soul for this college.. He made sure people worked towards the college. Poor thing. He thought that would matter to them.” she wrote.

Speaking to, Mehak said her mother, a teacher, walked in after coming back from school at 2.30pm to find Sushant hanging from the ceiling fan and a suicide note, which said he was sorry to have failed them and for not being a good brother and a son. The family was shocked as he was as “cheerful and jovial” as ever till they last met him. “He never gave us any hint that he was under any stress. He was very normal, very jovial, still cracking jokes” his sister said.

Mehak said Sushant never informed the family about his detention and they got to know about it only when two representatives of IP University visited them on August 11 to pay condolences. “They, in fact, were rubbing salt on our wounds telling us he was irregular to college and was not good in studies. But his friends told the opposite story. It was a blatant lie,” she said.



His father Jagdish Kumar, a joint secretary in Rajya Sabha, blamed college officials for his son’s suicide. “His act of suicide was provoked by some officials of the Institute over trivial but illegal arbitrary issues. No student should ever be tortured over attendance. No student should ever be compelled to ever contemplate such step.. I will get my son justice,” he wrote on Facebook.

Responding to the controversy, Savita Mehta- Vice-President, Communications, Amity Group, told, Sushant had 43 per cent attendance and his parents were repeatedly informed about it over emails. “We had sent emails intimating them that his attendance is very short and he won’t be allowed to sit in the exams,” she said.

But the sister claimed that Sushant had missed many classes because he was busy representing college at various events and even organising event for the college for which he should have been given attendance. “If he is doing something for the college with the permission of the teacher and allowed by the college, why would he not be given attendance,” said Mehta.

Mehta also noted that Sushant wrote the email to the chairman in May and decided to end his life in August because he may have panicked as the session was about to begin, results were to be declared and he had lied to his parents. “If you see the media reports that came out on August 11, they all said that ‘Rajya Sabha’s joint secretary’s son committed suicide’. It’s a very clear agenda ‘Why should I or my son be blamed, put the onus on the university’. He has not mentioned anywhere in his suicide note that he is doing it because of his academics,” she added.

Mehak, on the other hand, believes he didn’t inform the family because he thought he could handle it by himself.

Sushant’s uncle, a lawyer, called the incident “abetment of suicide”, and “callous & arbitrary system of Amity University” as the cause of Sushant’s death. “He had requested not to debar him on account of shortage of attendance on several grounds including medical ground as well. He also gave coherent & alarming signals, if his request is not conceded or considered, 1. he may not mentally survive, 2. It will hamper his life to an unimaginable extent 3. It will destroy his life 4. It is his last hope,” he wrote in a Facebook post that has been widely shared. “This is my wake up call for all students of Amity University to share this maximum so that in future, Amity will not dare to take life of other students on such minor issue of attendance as discussed,” he added.

One of Sushan’t friend, Teerth Waraich, also shared the whole incident in a series of tweets in which he mentioned that Sushant could not attend college for a brief period because of his foot injury.

AIB’s Rohan Joshi shared a heartbreaking personal experience of a similar nature after reading about Sushant, in which he explains one of the major reasons he dropped out of his engineering college was a teacher who didn’t treat him well. Comedian Aditi Mittal also spoke for the cause.

“We have not yet filed taken any legal action but we will take necessary action against these people who have been systematically harassing children and their parents for so many years which why my brother committed suicide,” said Mehak.

In the meanwhile, #JusticeForSushant is picking up traction on social media platforms, with more people adding their voice in support of Sushant’s family and even sharing their own experiences.

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