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Horrifying video of man throwing dog from rooftop goes viral; case registered in Chennai

In the video, a man - smiling - holds a small dog by the neck and back, and mercilessly drops the whimpering dog from the roof.

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Photos of the man from the video is being widely shared to help the Police identify and catch him. (Source: Sally Kannan/Facebook)

A horrific video of a man throwing a dog from a roof is being widely shared on Facebook and WhatsApp, generating a outcry of disgust and horror. Apparently, the video was shot in Chennai, though it is not confirmed.

In the video, a man holds a small dog by the neck and back and balancing him on the edge of the roof – smiling at the camera the whole time. The man then goes on to mercilessly drop the whimpering dog, who falls on to the ground yelping in pain.

What is shocking about this video is the heartlessness and sadistic pleasure with which this act has been committed and captured on camera. The video even shows the falling of the dog in slow-motion, which indicates the level of perverseness of the action.

Sally Kannan, Outreach Consultant at Humane Society International, posted the video on her Facebook page, “offering a reward of 100,000 Rs to anyone who is willing to volunteer valid information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person responsible for this evil.”

She posted:


“Look at what this filthy and miserable excuse of a human being does to the poor doggy who keeps wagging her tail until the last moment… She kept trusting the asshole even when his dirty mind was planning the worst for her.
Please share and help trace this @#$€£¥? . This is definitely in India and I am sure someone or the other can finally recognize the man in it. Any information regarding this video and the person in it will be rewarded monetarily.
The cyber crime cell in Chennai is currently investigating the case.”

The video, at the time of writing, had been viewed over 13,000 times within four hours and shared hundreds of times. Reactions to the video – unsurprisngly – ranged from disgust to outrage for the man and concern for the dog. People called out to others who could help identify the man in the video and bring him to justice.

Kannan later posted an update on her Facebook wall, saying an official police case has been registered. “My dear friend Antony Rubin has met the Chennai Commissioner and a case has been registered. Fingers crossed. Hope that evil @#$&*€£ is caught soon…!” she wrote.

Here’s hoping the man is brought to justice soon.