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Comedian Aayushi Jagad verbally abused by two men on bike after viral video on AIB, others use feminism

Shaken and in tears after being verbally abused for taking on popular comedy groups on covering feminism, stand-up comedian Aayushi Jagad and her co-writer Sumedh Natu wrote a post on Facebook, highlighting the struggle every woman faces every single day, just because she's a woman.

aib, how aib uses feminism, all india bakchod feminism, all india bakchod uses feminism aayushi jagad, aayushi jagad sumedh How AIB uses feminism video, Indian Express, Indian Express news Stand-up comedian Aayushi Jagad was verbally abused by two bikers for calling out her peers on their coverage of feminism. (Source: Aayushi Jagad/YouTube)

Aayushi Jagad, whose video on how popular comedy collective AIB uses feminism and portrays women characters went viral recently, wrote a Facebook post on a freak incident that left her in tears. Jagad was on the Baner Pashan Link Road on February 23 on her way to host a show. A couple of guys on a bike recognised her from her latest video, and while one guy used the choicest abuses to hurl at her and even spat at her, the other kept “giggling”. Even though Jagad was not physically attacked, she wrote she was shaken up and was in tears. She called up Sumedh Natu, the video’s co-writer, whose words she posted under the context she gave.

Read her Facebook post here

“I was on the Baner Pashan link road yesterday, headed to host a show. A couple of guys on a splendor recognized me and followed me to the next signal, stopped right beside me, and said “Tuch hoti na video madhe” (You’re the girl from the video aren’t you?)
He paused. And then he said, “He sagla feminism vagre tujhya p**chit ghal” (Shove all this feminism up your c**t) The guy sat behind him on the bike giggled, the rider spat at my foot and drove away.
I was shook. And crying. And I didn’t know why. I hadn’t been physically attacked, but I also had never been reduced to such small an entity before. I reached the venue, tears streaming down my face. I called Sumedh, and because he is a kind person whose empathy astounds me, he wrote me this, because I didn’t want to post online.

“About an hour ago, Aayushi was on her bike to host a show in Pune. A couple of guys on the road recognised her and followed her.

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We made a video. We weren’t abusive. We didn’t say anything derogatory. We were respectful. We were honest.

That’s all it took for a dude to be abusive. That was enough of a threat for two guys, to shove their disapproval in her face. You know why this upsets me even more, because I’ll never feel what she felt. I’ll never, ever have to experience fear at the very idea of writing a script. I will never have to think twice before uploading a video online as a man. While I sit at home in comfort, she’s out there right now, beyond shocked at what just happened. She has to host a show and make people laugh, because if she doesn’t there’s going to be ten freshly created shitsacks out there chanting – ‘Women just aren’t funny ya’

If you ever have the gall to go out there and tell a woman she isn’t funny, try living in fear at the idea of being funny to people and see how many punchlines you can reel off your mouth”

I hate that I can’t blame anyone. And I’m filled with such anger, waiting for this post to turn into yet another “burn her where she stands” because I’m a “feminazi bitch who cried wolf.””


Talking to, Jagad said that nobody came forward and apologised to her after she put up the post and refrained from commenting further. After the video began creating a buzz on the Internet, Jagad had called the trolls “hilarious” and said this is the first time something she did had provoked them on the Internet, while talking to us in a phone interview. “My favourite is where there are AIB fans against us fighting with Rohan Joshi after he wrote a beautiful comment for us under the video on my Facebook page,” she had said. Another comment read “You are just jealous they fired you.” Jagad had worked with AIB in the past.

First published on: 26-02-2018 at 05:34:54 pm
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