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Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Who is the ‘sensational’ Taher Shah and why he is dominating your timeline

Brace yourself! Taher Shah has unleashed his new single 'Angel' onto the world

Written by Aditi Anand | Updated: April 9, 2016 3:24:14 pm
taher shah, taher shah new song, taher shah songs, taher shah eye to eye, who is taher shah, eye to eye, trending news Pakistani ‘sensational singer’ Taher Shah has released his latest single ‘Angel’. (Source:

Yes, you too saw it, right? The man with the locks and looks that lock, has been all over the Internet the past couple of days. Well, in case you haven’t, rest assured, it will find you and grip you.

Now, here’s why Taher Shah, the ‘sensational singer’, according to his Twitter bio, is trending on your timeline today.

Think self appreciation, then think the hyperbole of that and you can imagine what Taher Shah has established himself as.

Watch video:

He grew to fame (read: made it into the world of internet memes) with his first song and the “pop sensation”, as his own website puts it, ‘Eye to eye’. With lyrics like — “without your eye, I’m like butterfly”, his “music” is known for all the wrong reasons, at least by any one you has even the faintest sense of music, but that’s not reason enough for the Pakistani singer to stop.

But brace yourself because he has released another song. From the first looks of it — where Taher was seen in a purple overall velvet gown, with a crown and wings (yes, wings!) — it seemed like gem for internet trolls before anything, and a gem it turned out to be.

taher shah, taher shah new song, taher shah songs, taher shah eye to eye, who is taher shah, eye to eye, trending news (Source:

But in keeping with his unique style, his new single ‘Angel’ too might make you wanna reach for your ear buds rather than your earphones. Be warned!

With over 44,000 followers on Twitter, there is no denying the popularity of this “mankind’s angel” — as he calls himself in his latest creation. Makes you doubt if his fanbase comprises of people with impaired hearing. But then again, Kamal R Khan isn’t popular on Twitter for his acting skills.

But as the universe would have it, he apparently has enough fans to convince an independent filmmaker to cast him in a short movie to play himself. But, this may well be just a desperate attempt to be in limelight.

Either way, looks like Taher Shah and his long tresses are here to stay to keep unleashing things that break the internet. Check out some hilarious reactions below.

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