Lions devour antelope amidst fleet of tourist cars, photos go viral

Lions devour antelope amidst fleet of tourist cars, photos go viral

Photos of a pair of lions killing a kudu antelope in a South African safari park have gone viral

A bunch of images showing a pair of lions devouring a kudu antelope in the middle of a South African safari park are now going viral across the internet. And they are trending for a reason.

The brutal killing of the antelope does not happen amidst thorny trees, or vast grasslands or even riverbanks inside the park. Instead, the antelope was hunted right in the middle of a concrete road surrounded by horrified tourists sitting snugly inside large SUVs, with some of them even having garnered the courage to lower their windows. Some would say it is an episode that tourists never get to watch.

The incident has been reported from the Kruger National Park, a large wildlife reserve in South Africa, home to lions, leopards, kudu antelopes, elephants, African buffaloes and black rhinoceroses.

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The incredible photos were reportedly taken by Carolyn Dunford, who told the UK newspaper Daily Star that she encountered the two lions and a group of cars while coming from the opposite end of the road.


She says that she was ‘amazed by the power and teamwork the lions showed’. “The kudu was no match for these amazing predators,” she was quoted by the newspaper.

On Facebook, where the photographs have been widely shared by many users, some have pointed out that the tourists should not have lowered their windows in such a dangerous situation. Safari parks across the world have often reported stray incidents of tourists being mauled by wild animals. Others have said that the tourists would have endangered the life of the animals if they had driven ahead.

However, one thing’s for sure: the photographs indomitably reaffirm the savage hunting nature of lions and will be seen as evidence of nature’s way of settling things.