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#GimmeFive: First Lady accepts President Obama’s workout challenge

President Barack Obama had issued a challenge to his wife to show her top five exercise moves.

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A screenshot of a video showing Michelle Obama as part of her workout regimen (Courtesy: YouTube/letsmove)

It all started about a week back when US President Barack Obama tweeted a video challenging his wife Michelle Obama to show him five of her top workout moves. The occasion was special as well – it was the fifth anniversary of Let’s Move, a campaign that was kick-started by the First Lady to promote physical fitness in the US.

Today, the First Lady gave it back, and how.

In a two-minute video that was shot with her personal trainer, Michelle packed some real punches clearly indicating how the First Lady keeps her body fit in spite of her often grueling schedule. She first took it off with a jumping rope, then graduating onto some in-and-out squats with the bench. Lifting weights and high-kicking boxing bags also formed a part of her workout regimen. The video also has a voice-over by Michelle’s personal trainer who explains clearly as to how to go about a particular exercise. The video ends with Michelle telling her viewers always to ‘drink up’ after a hectic workout to keep the body hydrated.

Michelle’s tweet, which tagged @POTUS, the official new Twitter account of Barack Obama, has gone viral garnering more than 3,500 re-tweets within a span of 9 hours.

[Watch the video here]