Wedding wars: When a bitter rasgulla fight broke a marriage in Uttar Pradesh

There was nothing sweet about this wedding affair.

By: Trends Desk | New Delhi | Updated: November 14, 2017 2:13:21 pm
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Weddings are an extravagant affair… with lavish buffets, elaborate decor, twinkling attires, and lots of song and dance! And despite all that, a little glitch can break it all apart. Remember when a woman called it off when the groom turned up drunk, or when the groom broke it off when his bride couldn’t add 15 to six? Well, such bizarre incidents can happen only in India.

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And if you think that is the limit of oddity, you’re clearly wrong. A rather strange episode occurred when a marriage ceremony was scrubbed for an extra rasgulla! Yes, it’s true.

If media reports are to be believed, it all happened on April 14, in Kurmapur village about 70km from Lucknow. Shiv Kumar was all set to get married to the bride from a nearby village. The stage was set and the baraatis were welcomed with the ritual dhols and nagaras. Since, the baraat turned up a little late, the bride’s father ordered everyone to have dinner immediately. All was well, until an argument between the bride’s relative and the groom’s cousin echoed through the room, says a DNA report.

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Manoj, the groom’s cousin apparently asked for two rasgullas, and the bride’s relative refused as he had been instructed to give only one to each guest. The tiny argument turned into a brawl and others joined into the battle by waging a war. Plates were reportedly hurled around, and gravy was everywhere where it shouldn’t have been.

The bride and the groom’s father rushed to see why the fight started. Mad with anger, Manoj and others in his group allegedly abused and thrashed the bride’s father and other relatives. Soon, the police was called, who went on to bring some sense to the two parties. Village elders also sought to sort out the issue and go ahead with the ceremonies.

However, the bride, who had been watching all this the entire while, refused to tie the knot with the groom. Reportedly, she got miffed after seeing her father being insulted and beaten up. After repetitive requests, she did not give way and the wedding had to be called off.

And, the groom went back without the bride!

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