WATCH: Burglar breaks into a restaurant but stops to cook a quick dinner for himself

The restaurant owners shared this video of their eatery getting robbed, because they found it hilarious!

By: Trends Desk | New Delhi | Published: May 28, 2017 1:33:32 pm
burglary videos,funny burglary videos, thief breaks into a restaurant and cooks, indian express, indian express news “This is not the model you want to follow if you want to successfully rob a business!’ After breaking into the restaurant the burglar made himself a steak sandwiches, fries and soda. (Source: ABC News/ Facebook)

While trawling the Internet, there is no dearth of videos that prove how truth is ever so stranger than fiction, and burglars can do much more than just sweep your home or shop clean — they can also provide you with enough entertainment could possibly make getting robbed almost bearable. This burglar did just that by breaking into a shop, only to end up whipping himself a sumptuous meal.

As unbelievable as that might sound, this is what happened in US when a thief broke into the E&L Barbeque restaurant in Jackson, Mississippi, in a rather theatrical fashion, and then crawled on the floor searching for money. But perhaps hit by hunger pangs, he stopped and made himself a rather elaborate dinner that included steak sandwiches, fries and soda.

The video was shared by ABC News of Facebook. Watch the video here.

Funnily enough the owners of the restaurant too joined in the fun, and shared screen grabs of the video asking people to share it. They also pointed out that though the burglar broke the security monitor, he forgot about the hard drive, that had all the evidence stored.

They wrote:

E&L BarBQue was robbed last night at midnight by this amateur! So far, these are the best pictures we have. We will be searching through more security footage to see if we can get a better one.
The video is actually hysterical ??
He fell through multiple areas of our ceiling walking around up there, crawled around on the floor like he was in Mission Impossible and EVEN cooked himself DINNER!
He tried to bust our security monitor, but wasn’t smart enough to bust the hard drive where all the evidence is stored.
This is not the model you want to follow if you want to successfully rob a business!
Help us find this guy!
#WorldsDumbest #amateur #BBQ”

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