WATCH: 80-yr-old Nana Hava LICKS eyeballs to clean them! Would you dare hire her?

For a bargain price of €10, Nana Hava from a village in Bosnia and Herzegovina, claims to be able to lick your eyeballs clean of pieces of iron, coal, lead, sawdust and even glass. The 80-year-old says she is the only one in the world capable of such a feat.

By: Trends Desk | New Delhi | Published: August 13, 2017 6:10:36 pm
woman licks eyeballs clean, licking eyeballs clean, nana hava, Hava Celebic, bosnian granny licks eyeballs Yikes! The idea of Nana Hava licking eyeballs clean is grossing out many people who have watched the video. (Source: Ruptly/Youtube)

Think you have something in our eye and can’t get it out? You’ve tried everything from water splashes to eye rolling, but the bothersome alien objects refuse to go? Well, you probably need an 80-year-old granny to lick your eyeballs clean. We’re not kidding. This is actually a thing, and this woman in a village in Bosnia and Herzegovina claims to be the only one in the world capable of such a feat.

Hava Celebic, who is popularly known as ‘Nana Hava’ claims that her unusual – and what many would say, gross – method of cleaning the eyes actually works, and has apparently cured around 5,000 people using the bizarre technique. Nana Hava says she’s the only person in the world to possess the ability to heal with her tongue, and the treatment costs just €10.

A video, which seems to be a bit old, showing her licking the eyeball of a man clean is being widely shared online. She sterilises her mouth and tongue with alcohol, before beginning the licking. According to her claims, she uses her tongue to remove pieces of iron, coal, lead, sawdust and even glass from people’s eyeballs.

The video – as fascinating as it seems – is also equally stomach-churning, so make sure you brace yourself before viewing it.

Watch Nana Hava licking eyeballs clean here.


According to Nana Hava, her kids are too disgusted to learn and practise the skill, and we’re honestly not surprised at that.

What do you think of this unique way of getting one’s eyes cleaned? Would you like to try it for yourselves? Tell us in the comments below.


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