This spirited couple had 60 pounds of marijuana as Christmas gifts

This spirited couple had 60 pounds of marijuana as Christmas gifts

60 pounds of high-grade marijuana was found in a couple's truck, which they apparently intended to gift as Christmas presents and tokens of 'holiday cheer' to family and friends.

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This elderly couple’s Christmas bash plans will shock you. (Source: Twitter)

With Christmas here, pretty much everyone’s got plans with friends and family. Well, this elderly couple had one such high-spirited plan that law enforcement officers, alas, foiled. Turns out, Patrick and Barbara Jiron had bagfuls of marijuana that weighed a total of 60 pounds (around 27 kg), according to reports, which were meant to spread the ‘holiday cheer.’

The couple, from Northern California, told the police they were en route to Vermont, and that the marijuana was bought as Christmas presents. The marijuana was found in their truck as the police could smell the herb while conducting their regular security check as is the norm around the holidays.

As soon as they tweeted about the incident, Twitterati couldn’t hold back their hilarious self and in no time the news went viral on social media. As shocking as it may sound, a few teenagers also ‘asked Santa’ for a similar set of parents ‘in their next birth.’

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