Olympian goof-up! Norwegian team’s translation mess-up leaves them with 15,000 eggs!

Ever goofed up while using an online translator? The Norwegian Olympic team were in for a surprise when their order of 1,500 eggs turned out to be 15,000 instead. The confusion happened after they used 'Google Translate' to communicate with their Korean hosts.

Written by Avantika Chopra | New Delhi | Published: February 5, 2018 5:46:27 pm
Olympic team eggs story, Olympic team gets extra eggs, Olympic team goof up with google translate, google translate egg story, Indian express, Indian express news Planning to use Google Translate? Let’s hope you don’t land up in a eggy situation like the Norwegian Olympic team in South Korea. (Source: Tronderavisa/Twitter)

Haven’t most of us – at some point or the other – used Google Translate to understand some text that is written in a different language? Seems like the Norwegian Olympic team, which arrived in Pyeongchang for the Winter Olympics had done the same when they wanted to place an order for eggs. However, a little goof-up while using ‘Google Translate’ left them with 13,500 more eggs than their original order.

According to reports, the incident happened when a conversation was taking place in-between the Norwegian guests and the Korean hosts. Both, not familiar with each other’s language were struggling to communicate and used an online translator to make it easier. Quite amusingly, while the Norway team placed an order of 1,500 eggs it was misunderstood as 15,000 eggs instead.

A picture of the chefs – along with all the extra eggs – was posted on social media explaining the incident. The post read, “The OL camp ordered 1500 eggs through translating through Google Translate. But it was wrong. 15,000 was delivered to the door. We wish good luck and hope that the Norwegian golden hopes are happy – very happy – in eggs.”

It is only when the delivery arrived with half-a-truck loaded with eggs that the goof-up was discovered. “We received half a truck load of eggs,” Stale Johansen, the Team Norway’s chef told RT. “There was no end to the delivery. Absolutely unbelievable,” he added.

Fortunately, the extra 13,500 eggs were returned by the chefs, but they said that the Norwegian athletes, due to their high intake of protein, can still expect a lot egg-wise.

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