New Rs 2000 note listed on eBay for sale costing over 1 lakh

New Rs 2000 note listed on eBay for sale costing over 1 lakh

The new Rs 2000 notes are being sold at a whooping price of 1 lakh.

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Both notes come with eBay guarantee if that helps. (source: Screengrab/ eBay)

It’s been almost 10 days since demonetisation of old Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes came into effect, but there has been little relief as serpentine queues continue to be seen outside banks and ATMs. Several deaths have already taken place and there’s widespread discontent among the public about the cash squeeze as India faces a tough challenge to curb the flow of black money into the economy. At many places, people are coming up with weird ideas to cope with the situation and one such has led to selling of new Rs 2000 notes on eBay!

Yes, since the demonetisation decision many users have listed to sell Indian currency—from Rs 10 to Rs 100. All have been listed and many people have put in their bids too. But surprisingly, while the country is reeling under pressure to release more cash into the system, two users have put up their notes for sale! Bizarre as it may sound, but they have pegged it as lucky 786 notes.

The new notes are being sold at a hefty price, costing over Rs 1 lakh, while one has waived off few bills and asked for Rs 50,000. Asking for online fund transfer or payment by Debit/Credit card, these users, however, have not received any bids yet. The item location for one of the notes listed is Mumbai, while other is in Jammu.

According to a Times of India report, when they contacted eBay India, the authorities said, “As an independent online marketplace and an intermediary, it does not exercise control on items listed by independent sellers on the site.” The spokesperson also confirmed that no transaction was carried out for the enlisted currency notes. The report also added that company “was disabling access to the notified listings to avoid any sort of legal hassle.”

However, you can still log onto eBay and see the listed items and the price at which it can be bought.