Brand NEW Rs 49 lakh PORSCHE gets confiscated within 10 minutes of buying

According to reports, the man from Yallambie, Australia, was driving his newly bought 2013 Porsche Cayenne 60km per hour over the permissible limit and was also filming himself while driving at the breakneck speed.

By: Trends Desk | New Delhi | Updated: April 6, 2018 12:21:21 pm
bizarre news, man loses Porsche, man loses Porsche ten minutes after buying, man's Porsche confiscated ten minutes after buying, indian express, indian express news The man, whose name has not revealed, was driving his 2013 Porsche Cayenne at a speed of 100km per hour in a zone of 40km per hour road. (Source: Thinkstock Images)

Imagine buying something dear after investing a LOT of money, only to lose it within moments after that. Sounds hard and cruel? Well, that’s what happened with this 37-year-old man from Yallambie, Australia, whose Porsche, costing $75,000 (approximately Rs 49 lakh) was seized within 10 minutes of buying it. Yes, you read that right! According to a report in The Australian that quotes the police, the man drove his 2013 Porsche Cayenne at a speed of 100km per hour in a zone of 40km per hour along Albert Park’s Aughtie Drive on March 10. He was apparently also filming himself while driving at the breakneck speed.

Violating all these laws really cost the driver, as his brand new vehicle was confiscated for a minimum of 30 days. According to a Daily Mail Online report, he was noticed by Prahran Highway Patrol officers allegedly playing with a mobile phone at 9.55 am just before he was pulled up for speeding along Melbourne’s Grand Prix Circuit.

The man, in all probability, will be charged for speeding and using a mobile phone while driving. While the police refused to divulge his name, they did affirm that he had just bought the fancy vehicle. As per the model of the car, it costs something between $65,450 and $75,240.

If this wasn’t bizarre enough for today, recently, in another part of the world newlywed husband demanded a divorce from his wife owing to the lack of sex during their honeymoon.  Apparently, the husband cut short his honeymoon and flew back to Dubai to ask for a divorce because she was spending too much and she refused to have sex with him. In other bizarre news, another man blew up his house while trying to get rid of cockroaches. Yes, that happened!

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