Man catches a 437kg tiger shark, which nearly sinks the boat!

A man in Texas caught a 964-pound tiger shark which apparently took 3 hours to reel in, and nearly sank his boat. The massive fish made a huge splash in the local news, and is currently in running for the first place in a local competition.

Texas City | Published: July 4, 2017 7:23:18 pm
964 pound tiger shark found in Texas. (Source:

A big catch is what every fisherman is going after, and more often than not they have to go to great length to get it. Fishing may seem easy but it seriously tests your patience and determination. However, it is extremely gratifying to get hold of the one you were after. Now imagine catching a fish that is SO huge that it nearly threatens sinks your boat! Sounds implausible? Well, not really. This is precisely what happened in Texas City on July 2, when Sergio Roque grabbed a 964 pound (around 437kg) tiger shark. The gigantic shark reportedly took three hours to reel in. And we are not surprised at all!

“It’s the hardest fight I’ve ever had in my life, the strongest one,” Roque said, while recollecting the herculean task he had to put up. “When I first set the hook, and it pulled me straight across the back of the boat, pulled me straight to the corner and slammed my knees onto it,” he added.

But nothing could deter Roque, who was determined to get his catch and was in no mood to give up. He doggedly held on and finally got hold of the shark.

This was part of the 55th Annual Tackle Time Fishing Tournament being hosted by the Texas City/La Marque Jaycees. It is a group that hosts fundraisers for scholarships and youth programmes in the area.

The massive tiger shark is currently in first place for the tournament.

Watch a video of the news here:

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