After #PooWatch, Police forced to ‘release’ drug suspect after he refused to poop for 47 DAYS!

The UK police department finally ended their viral poop watch and released the man after he put his health in danger refusing to pass the stash of Class A drugs he had swallowed when he was arrested in mid-January.

Written by Shreya Das | New Delhi | Published: March 8, 2018 8:42:56 pm
drug dealer refused to poop, man hold poop from arrest, uk news, bizarre news, odd news, funny news, indian express, viral news, The cops tried to keep him in custody as long as 47 days by visiting the court seven times and extending his stay. (Representational photo/ Thinkstock image)

Remember the famous drug dealer who not only kept Essex Police busy on a #PooWatch but also hooked Twitterati to his toilet habits? Well, the cops had to give up against the stubborn man and finally release him after he refused to take a dump for staggering 47 days! Yes, after his arrest in mid-January, the UK police department finally ended their viral poop watch and freed the man to be taken to a hospital after he put his health in danger refusing to pass the stash of Class A drugs he swallowed when he was arrested.

Ever since then, the Op Raptor West had been waiting for him to remove the “said items from his bottom” or go to the toilet so they can hold evidence against him. The cops regularly shared updates about his bowel movement on Twitter using funny hashtags along with their tweets, for example, #delayingtheinevitable, #howlongcanyougo. It also involved them visiting the court seven times to extend the custody of the man. However, after 38 days in police custody, the suspect’s lawyer told Chelmsford Magistrates’ Court that “he would rather die” than go to the toilet.

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Alas, after almost eight long weeks, seeing his life in jeopardy, Lamarr Chambers was released on “medical and legal advice” and taken to the hospital for treatment. The Crown Prosecution Service discontinued the charges against the 24-year-old suspect in relation to possession with intent to supply Class A drugs. However, as soon as those charges were dropped, he was rearrested on a lesser charge and released on bail later, the Metro reported.

“Where detainees are suspected of ingesting or concealing drugs inside their body, we must balance overseeing their welfare and ensuring that all evidence is captured to ensure the best possible chance of prosecution,” Deputy Chief Constable BJ Harrington said.

So, while the cops failed to get the drugs in the prison, they are now waiting for him to pass it finally so that it could be tested. “In some cases this will involve seeking the continued detention of a suspect, as authorised by the courts, to ensure that drugs are passed, retained and tested. That evidence will then form the basis of subsequent charging decisions and court proceedings,” Harrington added.

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