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Monday, March 01, 2021

Doctors extract cellphone charger from man’s urinary bladder after he complains of stomach pain

The doctor informed that the operation was successful and is in recovery, however, added that "his mental health remains a question". The practice is inserting an object or liquid into the urethra is called Urethral sounding.

By: Trends Desk | New Delhi |
Updated: June 6, 2020 9:36:51 pm
The man had inserted the charger through his penis for sexual pleasure and lied to his doctors saying he swallowed it. (Source: Pixabay, Walliul Islam/ Facebook)

In a bizarre case, doctors at an Assam hospital extracted a mobile phone charging cable from a man’s body. The routine surgery to remove the foreign object took an awkward turn when the surgeon found the cable inside the urinary bladder of the patient, instead of his stomach. Reason? He told doctors that he had swallowed it accidentally but he actually inserted the mobile charger cable through his genitalia.

Dr Walliul Islam, a consultant surgeon, posted about the incident on his Facebook page about the 30-year-old patient who he claimed challenged his “intellectual and surgical skills” by misleading him about having accidentally ingested a headphone through his mouth. “Surprises in Surgery! After 25 years of experience in surgery, I continue to be surprised and shocked by instances like this where my intellectual and surgical skills are challenged,” the doctor wrote.

“I operated upon him to find nothing in his Gastrointestinal tract…but instead discovered a mobile phone charger cord in his Urinary Bladder ….all of you must have guessed the entry point and route ( it entered through his penile urethra to his urinary bladder),” the doctor explained.

Sharing a small video showing the doctor pulling out a long black cable during surgery, an x-ray and the extracted wire, the doctor said “everything is possible on this earth, indeed!”

The Guwahati doctor’s post went viral across social media sites, leaving many baffled on how the man managed to insert the cord. The doctor informed that the operation was successful and the patient is recovering. However, the doctor added that “his mental health remains a question”. The practice of inserting an object or liquid into the urethra is called Urethral sounding.

While mostly it’s associated with medical practices, many like this man often use it for recreational purposes as well. A practice that has been associated with accidents as well as a variety of psychological illnesses, but the most common reason reported in the medical literature for deliberate urethral insertion is erotic gratification.

“Given the variability in the technique and type of devices used, recreational sounding carries substantial risk of loss of foreign body, UTI, urethral stricture and healthcare expenditures,” read a study published BJUI International,a leading urology journal. “Some patients may repeatedly self-injure themselves with foreign bodies to derive gratification from repeated healthcare encounters, much to the frustration and inconvenience of their providers,” the study added. The 2012 study had concluded that subjects with a history of recreational sounding are more likely to report STIs and non sexually-transmitted UTIs.

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