Demonetisation effect: Women in Coimbatore sing funeral songs after ATM’s ‘sad demise’

Demonetisation effect: Women in Coimbatore sing funeral songs after ATM’s ‘sad demise’

So affected are they by the 'sudden demise' of these ATMs, that they 'cry' after a point!

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Here’s how innovatively people in Coimbatore are protesting the prime minister’s decision to demonetise higher value currency. (Source: The News Minute/YouTube)

It has been over a week since Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced the demonetisation of high value currency notes. But people continue to stand in long queues outside the nearest working ATMs and banks they can find. What is irking a lot of these people is not just the never-ending wait to withdraw their own hard-earned money, but also that a lot of ATMs have suddenly become cash-strapped or temporarily out-of-order.

People have come up with rather unusual ways to protest the government’s decision of demonetisation and improper execution. A YouTube video shows the AIDWA — the women’s wing of CPI(M) in Coimbatore – making their dissent apparent in a different way. They are mourning the “deaths” of ATMs that are out of service by showering flowers and singing funeral songs following their “sad demise”.

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So affected are they by the ‘sudden demise’ of these ATMs, that they even pretend to cry after a point!


The video shows AIDWA members protesting against the prime minister for overlooking the adversities that the common people are facing following the decision. They have demanded that the people are given proper access to the ATMs and banks, and they get to withdraw money for their needs.

Watch the video here. 

A similar protest took place in Kerala’s Kannur district as well, where people placed a wreath on the doors of a cash-strapped ATM.

They had an interesting note on the wreath that read: “Condolences to the ATM that left us before its time. The funeral will be conducted after Modi returns from Japan.”