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Friday, July 20, 2018

Bengaluru thief leaves behind mobile phone at the house he robbed

The robber first poisoned the owner’s pet dog. After the dog lost consciousness, he broke open the main door of the building and took Rs 3 lakh in cash and 400gm of gold jewellery. This would have been a perfect crime, except that the thief left his mobile phone behind.

By: Trends Desk | New Delhi | Updated: October 2, 2017 10:20:47 pm
Costly mistake: Forgetfulness or haste? Either way, mistake could cost the thief dearly. (Source: Thinkstock images)

Serial burglars often tend to leave a kind of calling card behind. It’s a matter of pride for them after having successfully completed a heist. But this one thief in Bengaluru decided – inadvertently, we’re sure – to leave his calling device behind. Just so that tracing him should not prove to be much of a problem for the poor family he and his other gang members had just robbed.

Sounds strange? Well, in what seems to be a bizarre and hilarious case of a robbery that’s potentially gone wrong, a thief forgot his cellphone in the house of the industrialist he and his fellow mates had robbed, and he probably lives to rue his forgetfulness in a bid to quickly escape from the crime scene!

According to a New Indian Express report, the thugs first poisoned the owner’s pet dog. After the dog lost consciousness, they broke open the main door of the building, taking Rs 3 lakh in cash and 400g of gold jewellery. The incident occurred on Friday (September 29) night in Nelamangala taluk at the house of Srinivas in Arisinakunte village, when the family was away.

Upon returning home, the owners found their belongings stolen and lodged a complaint with the police. When the authorities inspected the house, they saw a mobile phone that did not belong to any of the family members. With the mobile phone of one of the culprits in possession, the police hope to catch them soon.

But surely, his forgetfulness is nothing compared to others’ stupidity. Remember the burglar who broke into a garage through the window, while the door was wide open? Yes, he is surely top contender of the most idiotic thief ever. But giving him a tough competition was the robber who tried to hide his face with nothing but toilet paper!

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