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Saturday, January 22, 2022

Bizarre stories of 2016 that’ll make your eyes pop out in wonder

We present to you 30 of the most bizarre stories of 2016 that have left a mark on people's collective memory.

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Updated: December 28, 2016 6:40:33 pm
The most bizarre stories of 2016 The most bizarre stories of 2016

The year 2016 has been a memorable one for reasons good and bad. This is the year when some of the most unexpected incidents left people in a state of shock. Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa, an iconic figure, passed away. Old Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes are no longer valid. Business Tycoon Donald Trump is the president of the United States. Pakistani artists were threatened to leave the country. Students were deemed ‘anti-national’ for sloganeering. And playing of National Anthem is now mandatory in all the movie theatres across the country.

The year was full of surprises and while there were very serious stories with consequences that affected common public, there were some that amused them. We saw a Punjabi aunty who won the Internet with her ‘badassery’ because she asked the man who had come to rob her shop to wait till she finished her tea. We also saw a Bengaluru businessman’s daughter’s wedding card which had an LCD screen and how can you forget actor Rakhi Sawant’s dress with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s photos all over it.

We present to you 30 of the most bizarre stories of 2016 that have left a mark on people’s collective memory.

1) Watch: This woman in Tamil soap gets shot in the head but still wants her gajra back


This video of a Tamil Tv show went viral on social media in which she just refused to let go her gajra despite being shot in the head. Believe it or not, the woman, after being shot, asked her husband to get the flowers and put them in her hair. Read the full story here.

2) This is what happens after you die, shares the guy who claims to have died for a bit

Labeled remains of person lying in mortuary Labeled remains of person lying in mortuary

While there are millions of books narrating what afterlife is all about, here is a man who claims to have died twice for two minutes each time and shared his experience on Reddit. Read the full story here.

3) This 19-year-old Muslim bride divorced her husband over phone and the reason deserves an applause

Indian bridal hand Indian bridal hand

Lucknow girl Mohsina said the three scary words “talaaq, talaaq, talaaq” to her husband over the phone because he and his family demanded dowry. Her story went viral on the Internet because her courage was being lauded. Read her full story here.

4) This Pakistani journalist interviewed a buffalo and even got an answer


Pakistani journalists have made it to headlines this year for hilarious reasons. In this video that went viral, Geo News reporter Amin Hafeez, who is famous for his reporting skills as ‘funny’ on social media, can be seen interviewing buffaloes asking them whether they find using the foot over bridge easy or difficult. Read the full story here.

5) Video: You won’t believe what all was found when this shark was cut open


This gory video was massively shared on social media through the year. In the video, a shark was cut open and 30 baby sharks came out of the belly. Read the full story here.

6) Someone did a mash-up of Sunny Deol dancing to Kala Chashma and it’s the most hilarious video you’ll watch


The latest remix of Kala Chashma dominated the Internet for quite some time after its release and the various mashu ups that followed were uncountable but this particular mash-up which features Sunny Deol was a hit. Read the full story here.

7) Rakhi Sawant ‘patriotic’ dress with PM Narendra Modi’s photos ahead of Independence Day creates controversy yet again


Actor Rakhi Swant wore a little black dress which had pictures of Prime Minister Narendra Modi all over it. Her pictures went viral on social media because well, the dress was obnoxious. And guess what, she said she had permission from authorities to wear it. Read the full story here.

8) Watch: Did this Jesus Christ statue just open its eyes? This creepy viral video has everyone guessing


A video taken at the Chapel of Saltillo in Mexico’s state of Coahuila de Zaragoza of Jesus opening his eyes was shared millions of times because it’s as creepy as it can get. Miracle? Find it out here.

9) Video: Cobra throws up six eggs after swallowing seven in Odisha


Snakes always make news. This video of a cobra throwing up six eggs back to back in Odisha’s Mayurbhanj district went viral because it’s highly unlikely for a snake to do it. Read the full story here.

10) This horrifying video shows a Saudi therapist giving a lesson on how husbands should beat their wives


In what can be called shocking, Khaled Al-Saqaby, a Saudi family therapist gave a tutorial to men on how to beat their wives. According to him, the basic problem is when wives are disobedient and husbands don’t know how to deal with it. The outrageous video made people on social media extremely angry. Read the full story here.

11) Stare at a woman for more than 14 seconds and you might be in trouble: Kerala bureaucrat


Kerala Excise Commissioner Rishiraj Singh issued a statement in good spirit that no man can stare at a woman for more than 14 seconds and this piece of news made people laugh, angry and even happy. Well, there is no such law but the Internet was abuzz after the statement. Read the full story here.

12) This Sikh cab driver blamed his ‘Indian upbringing’ for raping an 18-yr-old in Australia


Shocking enough, 31-year-old Simardeep Singh, former cab driver in Australia, raped an 18-year-old in 2011 and was sentenced to five years in jail this year. He said he was born and brought up in a conservative Punjabi family where women wearing short clothes were considered ‘prostitutes’. Read the full story here.

13) Video: When these Congress leaders in Kerala forgot words to the national anthem


National Anthem is now mandatory across movie halls in the country but back then when this video that went viral was shot, it wasn’t. It’s National Anthem nevertheless, and not knowing the words of it might be very embarrassing. Leaders in Kerala forgot the words of the Anthem and the video made its way to the Internet. You can imagine what happened next. Read the full story here.

14) Watch: Aunty tries to dance, but uncle completely steals the show with his Mammootty-style moves


This video of a middle-aged uncle dancing took the Internet by storm. And why not! You have to watch it to believe it. Read the full story here.

15) Bengaluru woman turned down a guy’s marriage proposal because he disliked her dog!


Karishma Walia is originally from Bangalore and works with Deloitte India in Gurgaon. While she was recently in talks for getting into an arranged marriage, that the guy did not really take to her dog, was a deal-breaker! And she did not think twice before telling him how much her dog meant to her. Read the full story here.

16) Video: Man jumps on scanner along with his bag because he just didn’t know what to do


This video made people laugh out of their ribs because an innocent man had no idea what to do when he saw a scanner. According to the camera, shot in Pakistan, the video shows the man hopping on the belt when gestured by another man to get his bag scanned. Read the full story here.

17) Can you believe this letter without an address reached its destination? Here’s how


In what can be called one of kind incident, a tourist who had forgotten the address of his intended recipient drew a map of the location on the envelope and that was all it took for the postal service to deliver the letter. Read the full story here.

18) Can you believe this Hyderabad guy got a Rs9.15 lakh bill from Ola?


Due to a lot of technical glitches this year, cab aggregator Ola handed a lot of bills wrongly and one of them was of Rs 9.15 lakh. Rathish Sekhar, a private consultant working on government projects, travelled from Jubilee Hills in Hyderabad to Nizamabad and back after a 2-hour hault; he was given a bill of Rs 9,15,887, obviously by mistake. Read the full story here.

19) Snake slithers into man’s mouth and he bites off its head


In a bizarre incident, a man in Indore bit off a snake’s head after it slithered into his mouth while he was asleep. He didn’t realise what had happened until his mother Rampyari entered his room and noticed that there was blood all over his face. Read the full story here.

20) Woman falls in love with son, 18 years after giving him up for adoption; ready to go to jail for incest


Love conquers all! This hold true for Clovis-based Monica Mares who fell in love with her own son whom she had given up for adoption 18 years ago. They’re both ready to fight everyone and everything, even the court case to stay with each other. Read the full story here.

21) We caught the ‘honest thief’ whose CCTV video went viral!


The story you read about the ‘honest thief’ who returned the money was actually a film and we got into a conversation with the filmmaker himself who narrated how the film affected his life. Read his interview here.

22) A Mumbai guy filed a RTI asking if the government is prepared for a zombie attack on India! Seriously


A lot of bizarre RTIs have been filed so far but nothing beats this one. A guy wanted to know if the government of India is ready to face invasion by aliens, zombies, and extra-dimensional beings. The picture of the RTI took the Internet by storm. Read the full story here.

23) This Punjabi aunty who asked the robber to wait till she finishes her ‘chai’ deserves an award for badassery


This Punjabi aunty has become world-famous for her courage because she didn’t budge when the robber entered her store. No one gets to disturb her when she is sipping on her tea. The 49-year-old Punjabi aunty Karamjit Sangha who owns a News and Booze store in Hull, UK, was threatened by a robber with a seven-inch knife to hand over her cash but not only did she not give him the money, she also scared him away. Read the full story here.

24) Video: Pakistani man teaches his little daughter how to use AK-47, mentions Modi while firing


This video started doing the rounds amid tensions between India and Pakistan after Uri attacks. In the video, a father can be seen teaching his little daughter how to use an AK-47. She can he heard saying “Modi” a couple of times, while trying to learn and even fire a shot. Read the full story here.

25) Google ‘namak haraam country’ and Indian flag will show; And here’s why we’re proud of it


If you google ‘Namak Haram country’, Google will pop up India’s name on top but the reason will make you proud. ‘Namak haraam’ is a popular 1973 Hindi film starring Amitabh Bachchan, Rajesh Khanna and Rekha. Now, if India doesn’t pop-up next to a very popular Indian film, we’d be quite upset. Read the full story here.

26) This wedding invitation of Karnataka billionaire’s daughter has an LCD screen and it’s unbelievable


Mining baron and former BJP leader Gali Janardhan Reddy’s daughter’s wedding was actually a Twitter and Facebook trend because it had a LCD screen! In one of a kind card, loud wedding music begins flashing “Bramhani Weds Rajeev Reddy”. What follows is a 2-minute performance by the family, wherein Reddy sings songs (or lip-syncs) with his wife and son in and around a huge mansion, worshipping gods and goddesses, and showering flowers in gorgeously set-up surroundings. Read the full story here.

27) Watch: Telangana is so hot, woman cooks eggs on the floor


Remember how unbearably hot the summers were this year? In some parts of the country, the temperature rose to a point where people could actually cook on the street. In one such video, a woman can be seen beating the eggs and then pouring the mix onto the floor and finally smiling into the camera after flipping the well-cooked omelette. Read the full story here.

28) Who’s that in the window? This selfie is just freaking everyone out


This particular selfie really freaked people out. It’s indeed spooky because people just couldn’t and still can’t understand how the woman could be looking at two places at the same time. Most who’ve viewed this picture have termed it supernatural. Read the full story here.

29) This husband divorced his wife because she didn’t look pretty without make-up

Arab couple with a man arguing to his wife isolated on a white background Arab couple with a man arguing to his wife isolated on a white background

Husbands in the Middle-East have been in news for divorcing their wives for extremely weird reasons. This one called it quits because he thought she isn’t pretty enough without make-up. He said he couldn’t recognise after her make-up washed away. Read the full story here.

30) WATCH: Indian-origin woman fights off robbers with steel chair


A CCTV footage went viral, which shows a woman charging towards two machete-wielding thieves who tried to rob her shop, with a steel chair! The robbers left the shop empty-handed and were later arrested by the police. Read the full story here.


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