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Saturday, March 06, 2021

Instagram: The top five tips and tricks for both iOS and Android

Here is a list of the top five Instagram tips and tricks that we found very interesting.

Written by Karanveer Singh Arora | New Delhi |
Updated: November 26, 2019 9:06:20 am
Instagram tips and tricks, Instagram, Facebook, Instagram hacks, How to use Instagram, Instagram followers, Instagram tips Here are a few Instagram tips and tricks that will help you manage your social media profile better. (Image: Bloomberg)

Instagram is currently one of the most popular social media platforms available on both Android and iOS. One of the reasons why Instagram was able to become so big and overshadow its competitors was that it was extremely easy to use and to get discovered.

However, with its growth, we got to see more and more features being added to the platform. Though these features are quite easy to use and get a hang off, there are so many features that one might not even get to know about them. Today we will be revealing the top five Instagram tips and tricks that we found very interesting.

Instagram photos directly on Facebook, Twitter and more

If you click a lot of photos and like for everybody to see them, it might get a bit taxing posting the same photos again and again on different social media platforms. Instead, of going through the hassle of posting the images to each social media platform, again and again, you can set up your Instagram account to automatically do so.

To do so, you need to head to Profile > Options > Settings > Account > Linked Accounts. Inside of the setting you can link all your social media accounts to Instagram, which will then allow you to select the social media platforms on which you want to share a photo while uploading it on Instagram.

Disabling Activity Status for chats

In a similar fashion to WhatsApp’s last seen feature, Instagram allows your friends to see your Activity Status, thus letting them know when you were last online or if you are currently online. This might be a bit tedious to handle if you are trying to ignore a friend or you simply do not want to be disturbed.

To disable the Activity Status feature you need to head to Profile > Options > Settings > Privacy> Show Activity Status. Inside of the setting you simply need to toggle the switch to disable the feature. However, keep in mind that after you disable the feature you will not be able to see the Activity Status of other users too.

Switching to a business profile

Having a Business Account has a number of benefits to it. Unlike a normal Instagram account, a business Instagram account provides users with a lot of features like post statistics, profile reach, profile analytics, scheduling posts and more.

To convert your Instagram account to a business account, you need to head to Settings > Account, inside of the section you can hit Switch to a Professional Account and either choose your profession or just press Business.

Hide Stories from specific users

There are times when you want everyone with the exception of a few users to see what you are up to. This might be you trying to hide a surprise gift from a friend or night out images from your parents. You can do so by hiding Instagram Stories from select users.

To do so, by going to the Instagram profile of the user who you do not want to be able to see your stories and then tap on the optional menu. There you will see an option to “Hide Your Story,” just enable that.

Pausing and skipping Stories

Most Instagram users watch and make Stories. There are times where a Story is getting a bit bore and you want to skip them, you can just tap one the right side of the display one, if you want to skip various Stories from a single user, you can just swipe from the right to the left. If you want to pause a story, you can just tap the screen and hold it there, this will simply pause the story.

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