Top 5 adventure games on Android to look forward to in 2018

Top 5 adventure games on Android to look forward to in 2018

Let's hope the year 2018 to be adventuorous!

Batman: The Enemy Within (Same Stitch)

Mobile gaming is jazzing up good over the past few years with Android platform offering a surfeit amount of games classified under different genres. Google’s Play Store carries a vast number of apps some of which are freemium. But one can’t deny the fact that the best mobile games surface on Apple’s iOS platform first, and most of it doesn’t even make an entrée to Android. However, this is not deterring developers to serve graphics intensive, captivating mobile titles for Android gamers. This year, some of the renowned developers like Ubisoft, Niantic Labs are expected to bring engrossing titles for the gamers. We have listed a few adventure games for Android that are set to appear on Play Store this year.

Batman: The Enemy Within (Same Stitch)

Folks at Telltale Games are grabbing the hot seat for the release of Batman: The Enemy Within’s fifth and final release- Same Stich this month. The fifth part of the episodic point & click adventure game is expected to arrive by the end of this month. The episode ‘Same Stitch’ will feature two unique finales for the ‘series closure.’ The game will bring two different takes on John Doe-one brutal villain that cleave closer to the ‘classic Clown Prince of Crime’ and other an erratic ‘vigilante.’ The final show is said to contain two distinct storylines with about three and a half hours of content.

The players will be given choices over the course of the episode that will ordain which version of the Joker they will witness in the finale. The episode is said to have over 38 characters and a long script with about 4500 lines of dialogue. Telltale’s episodic adventure is set to launch on March 27 for mobile gamers and Xbox One, PS4 players as well.

The Walking Dead: The Final Season

Telltale’s another popular graphic adventure game series, The Walking Dead fourth and final season will release sometime this year. After the events of The Walking Dead- New Frontier, the protagonist Clementine head-on in search of AJ in the third season. In the upcoming season, the story will spin around what happens when she finds the infant boy.


Telltale explained that players choice of who Clementine wants to be, who she wants to be with will determine the lead character’s future (a quite similar storyline as Batman’s The Enemy Within final episode). Other details are thin as of now and the developer has not shared any word about the release. But as the final rundown is soon to emerge it is left to be seen how significantly Telltale will close Clementine’s ‘narrative arc.’

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery

A great bunch of Potter games will be bumping in this year taking the fans to the magical corridors of Hogwarts. The Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery an upcoming adventure game will bring a whole new RPG set in the wizard school. The game created by Portkey Games, a Warner Bros games label is trying to bring the wizard world’s touch by adding magic spells, potions and other features.

Users will be able to skill and cast magic spells, unlock new characters, locations and customise the player’s avatar as well. Players can also select quests to help their fellow mates and uncover the mystery behind the cursed vaults. In case you want to have an early hands on the game, APK files are available on the Internet for sideloading. But if you want to wait for the final release, you can pre-register for the game on Google Play Store.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

The well-known developer, Niantic Labs who created the free-to-play game, Pokemon Go is embracing a new mobile game title- Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. Like the Pokemon Go, the upcoming wizard game will have AR functionality. The game is developed in collaboration with Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment.


The game will lead you to explore the ‘real world neighbourhoods’ and cities to discover. Players will get the chance to learn magic spells and cast them, fight against legendary beasts and much more. They can also team up with other to encounter enemies. The developer has not shared any detail regarding the release date; however, Potter fans can get notified about the game launch by signing up on the official site,

The Wolf Among Us Season 2

Telltale, the creators of The Wolf Among Us last summer announced that will release the second series of this interactive graphic adventure game in 2018. Bigby Wolf, the lead character of the first season will return for the sequel. New episodes are expected to arrive late this year and feature a fresh “standalone” story. Folks at Telltale created the adventure series based on thrilling Fables comic book series by Bill Willingham.

The first season portrayed a mature and ‘gritty’ storyline with characters from fairy tales, legends and folklore that escaped into the human world. There’s no exact release date, neither the developer has shared any word on which platform the upcoming series will run. But given the fact that the former title is available on Play Store, perhaps Telltale might give another shot to its Android players.