Things Google Assistant can do for you in Hindi: Part 1

Things Google Assistant can do for you in Hindi: Part 1

Namaste, Google Assistant!

Earlier this year, search giant Google announced that its AI-enabled virtual personal assistant called ‘Assistant’ will be fully compatible with Hindi, and believe it or not, some of the features have already begun to show their magic. So in this article, we are going to discuss some of the things you can do with the Assistant in Hindi.

Namaste, Google Assistant

Now that the Assistant understands Hindi, you can initiate a conversation by asking for a joke or direction to nearby restaurants. Not just that, you can also greet the Assistant in Hindi. All you can do is say one of the following things – “Mujhe koi mazedaar baat sunao” (Tell me something funny), “Sabse kareeb restaurant kahaan hai?” (Where is the closest restaurant?) or “Aap kya kya kar sakti hai?” (What can you do?)

Plan your day

Now that you have started to speak with the Assistant in Hindi, you can ask to set an alarm for you. All you have to say, for example, is “Kal subah mujhe 7 baje jagao” (Wake me at 7 a.m. tomorrow morning). You can also ask the Assistant to help you out with the recipe of your morning breakfast. Simply say, for example, “Mujhe Misal Pav ki recipe dikhao” (Show me the recipe of Misal Pav).

Ask for the directions

After having a breakfast, you might want to go to the office or anywhere else for that matter, and in case you need help with the directions while travelling from one place to the other, the Assistant can come handy. For example, you can ask for the fastest route “Mumbai airport ke liye sabse tez rasta kya hai” (What is the fastest route to Mumbai airport” or “Mujhe yaad dilaao ki maine car kahaan park ki hai?” (Remind me where have I parked my car?)

Take selfies and watch videos


You are mistaken if you assume that the capabilities of Assistant are simply limited to providing answers to your queries. In fact, the Assistant is also good at obeying your commands, and what better way than telling it to capture a selfie or show some funny video on YouTube? For example, “Selfie kheencho” (Take a selfie) or “YouTube par funny video dikhao” (Show funny videos on YouTube).

Know the Cricket score

In addition to everything that we have discussed so far, one thing Indians are devoted to is the game of Cricket. You can probably recall the instances where you are eager to know about the score and more often than not, we ask Google to fulfil that requirement for us. Now that its Assistant supports Hindi, you can simply ask “Cricket ka score kya hai?” (What is the score of Cricket?)