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Reliance Jio hikes JioPhone Rs 49 plan price to Rs 75, brings Rs 98 and Rs 149 plans back

Reliance Jio has made changes to its JioPhone plans. Previously, the JioPhone base plan was priced at Rs 49 now the price has been increased to Rs 75.

Reliance Jio launches new plans for JioPhone and brings Rs 98 pack for regular users.

Reliance Jio has scrapped the Rs 49 prepaid plan for its JioPhone users and replaced it with a Rs 75 plan. It has also introduced three new plans for JioPhone at Rs 125, Rs 155 and Rs 185 respectively, which comes with data and calling benefits. These are part of the Jio’s All-in-One packs, which come bundled with minutes for calling to non-Jio numbers, in addition to the free data and unlimited calls within Jio network.

For regular Jio users, the company has brought back its Rs 98 and Rs 149 plans, though the Rs 98 plan does not come with unlimited calling benefits to non-Jio networks. Here are the details.

Reliance JioPhone plans: Rs 75, Rs 125, Rs 155, and Rs 185

The JioPhone base plan of Rs 49 has been removed and instead replaced by Rs 75. The plan has a validity of 28 days, offers 3GB of data in today, which comes to 0.1GB per day, 500 non-Jio FUP minutes. After 3GB data, the speed limit is reduced to 64 Kbps. Jio-to-Jio calls are unlimited. There is complimentary subscription to Jio apps.

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The next pack is Rs 125 with 28 days validity, 14GB data in total, which is 0.5GB data per day. This plan also comes with unlimited data technically, though after the daily data is exhausted, the speed is again reduced to 64Kbps. While calls on Jio network remain unlimited, the calls to non-Jio networks are limited to 500 minutes, after which the user will be charged. The plan includes a total of 300 SMS and complimentary subscription to Jio’s suite of apps.

The Rs 155 prepaid pack for JioPhone has a total of 28GB data, which comes to 1GB data per day, though after the allotted data is used up the speed goes to 64Kbps. The calls to non-Jio numbers are restricted at 500 minutes, while Jio calls are free. The plan includes 100 SMS per day and access to Jio’s apps.

These are the new new All-in-One recharge plans for JioPhone users.


The Rs 185 prepaid recharge for JioPhone includes 56GB data in total, which comes to 2GB data per day. After the limit is exhausted, it is reduced to 64 Kbps. The plan once again limits calls to non-Jio numbers at 500 minutes, but calls within Jio remain unlimited. This pack also has 100 SMS free per day along with Jio apps being free.

Reliance Jio Rs 98 and Rs 149 plan

Jio also appears to have brought back its Rs 98 and Rs 149 plan. The Rs 149 plan earlier offered 1GB data per day for 24 days. This plan’s validity of 24 days continues, which less than the 28 days that Airtel and Vodafone-Idea offer on similar packs.

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The pack has 1GB data per day, which is 24GB data in total. Unlimited calls apply to only Jio numbers, calls to non-Jio numbers have a limit of 300 minutes.  The Rs 149 prepaid pack includes 100 SMS per day and access to Jio apps.

Jio’s Rs 98 plan has a validity of 28 days with a total of 2GB data, and unlimited calls only to Jio numbers. It comes with 300 SMS. Users will have to purchase a voucher, starting at Rs 10 for calls to numbers on other networks. The Rs 10 voucher gives 124 IUC Minutes or Interconnect Usage Charge minutes.

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