How to make the most of WhatsApp on Android; Top 10 tips and tricks

How to make the most of WhatsApp on Android; Top 10 tips and tricks

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WhatsApp is world’s most popular and most used cross-platform messaging app. It integrates a rich feature set for more than 1 billion users globally. To get the best out of it, the company keeps adding more and more features to the application. It recently added Video calling feature, but there are quite a few useful features that are not known to everyone. This article includes some of the tips and tricks that you might know yet, but must try.

1. Find out who has read your message in a group chat

Keep long pressing your particular message in the group and click the ‘i’ (information) icon from the top bar. It will show you the list of people who’ve read your message under ‘Read by’. It will also show the number of people still remaining to read.

2. Reply to a specific message

All you need to do is long press a particular message and then tap on reply icon in the top menu bar to write your reply. Your message reply will appear with the original message as quote.


3. Share documents (PDF, Doc, Excel) from internal storage or Google Drive

Tap on the attachment icon from top of the chat window and then choose ‘Document’ to select a file stored in your phone’s internal storage or on Google Drive. If you have multiple Google accounts synced to your Gmail app then it will show all of them.

4. Text Formatting (bold, italics and strikethrough)

You can either make the text bold or make it italic or can use strikethrough. To use bold, just put your text inside *star* symbols. For example, *hello* will make the hello appear bold. Underscore before and after, e.g. _hello_ will make it italic. For strikethrough formatting, you’ll need to place your text inside ~ sign. For example, ~ hello~ will make it strikethrough text.

5. Hide your “last seen” status

WhatsApp allows you to hide your ‘last seen’ status by going to Settings > Account > Privacy > Last Seen and then select “Nobody”. Remember, if you disable the ‘last seen’ option, you will not be able to see ‘last seen’ for other people as well. But it will still show if they are online at that time and similarly they’ll be able to see if you are online.

6. Mute group notifications

In a group, go to settings (three dots on the top righter corner) and select Mute. You can choose to mute a group for 8 hours, 1 week or 1 year. You can choose to get notifications or opt out of it by unchecking the box. You can unmute a group by same method.

7. Block someone on WhatsApp

Just open the chat, tap on settings and choose ‘Block this Contact’. You can unblock the contact by same method or by going to WhatsApp Settings > Account > Privacy > ‘Blocked contacts’.

8. Create quick shortcut for important contacts on home screen

WhatsApp users can create shortcuts for important or frequently contacted people and can keep it on the home screen for quick access. To create a shortcut, you need to long press a contact from your list on WhatsApp, then click on the settings menu (three dots) at the top right and then tap on “Add chat shortcut“.

9. Forward a message or content to multiple contacts

Just tap on a message and tap forward icon in the top menu and now tap on mutiple contacts to forward the same message or picture or a document in one go.

10. WhatsApp message anyone while on a WhatsApp voice call

You can click the message symbol to access another other chat window, while you are on already on a WhatsApp call.

Bonus Tip:

11. Voice dictation and Voice messages

You can press the the ‘mic’ button in phone’s keypad to start dictating a message within WhatsApp too. This feature is part of your standard typing keyboard and works all across.


Similarly, you’ll see green mic button in the bottom right corner of your WhatsApp chat window. You can long press the button to record a voice message.