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Thursday, November 26, 2020

How to book Ola cab ride in advance for later date

Because people often find it difficult when it comes to booking rides in advance for the later date.

Written by Tanmay Patange | Updated: May 29, 2018 11:35:44 am

With the advent of online taxi aggregators like Ola and Uber, transportation has become easier. Gone are the days when those without a private vehicle were supposed to rely on state transport services or rental cars. Back in time, booking private cabs wasn’t as easy as it is today, thanks to growing smartphone consumption that has opened up some new ways to deal with these kinds of things. Although booking an Ola cab ride involves a relatively simple procedure, people often find it difficult when it comes to pre-booking rides for the later date. So, let’s take a look at how to book an Ola cab ride in advance.


For starters, booking a trip in advance has many benefits. Let’s say if you are trying to book a cab, it’s likely that no cabs would be available at that particular time. So, in that case, booking a cab in advance will save you some time when needed without getting into any panicky situation.

Step 1: Always make sure to have an updated Ola app on your smartphone. In case you don’t have it installed in the first or want to update, go to the Play Store and search for Ola cabs app. You can download or update the app over there. If you are an iOS user, you can go to the App Store and follow the same procedure.

Step 2: Once you have the update Ola cabs app installed on your phone, go to the app and log into your Ola account. If you don’t have an Ola account, you can sign up for the same in just a matter of taps by following the on-screen instructions.

Step 3: Once you’ve successfully set up your account, open the app. You will come across a screen that will locate your real-time location on Google Maps. All you have to do is drop a pin on your location. It’s the location where a cab driver will come to pick you up. You can also manually add both your pickup and drop locations.

book-ola-advance-1Step 4: At the bottom of your screen, there will be two options to choose from: Ride later and Ride now. Since you want to book an Ola ride in advance, you need to tap the ‘Ride later’ option.

Step 5: Once you’ve hit the Ride later option, you’ll be asked to choose your preferred date and time when you want to be picked up from your location. It is worth mentioning that Ola allows users pre-book the ride only 1 hour 15 minutes before starting a journey. So, choose a time accordingly.

book-ola-advance-2Step 6: You’ll be asked to confirm your ride details that include your pickup/drop locations, total fare (depending on the type of cab you’ve opted for), pickup time. You can also choose your mode of payment from options like Ola money, debit/credit card, cash, etc.

Step 7: Once you’ve confirmed your ride, you will get a confirmation that your ride has been scheduled. Keep in mind that driver details will be shared 15 minutes before your pickup time.

book-ola-advance-3Step 8: In case you want to cancel or view your ride details, go to Ola app > tap on a hamburger menu at the top left corner > Your rides > select your ride > tap cancel the ride. Once you have hit the option, choose the reason for cancellation, and hit ‘Cancel ride.’

Once you’ve successfully cancelled your ride, you will be notified that your booking has been cancelled. For this story, we tried the whole procedure on Android. Even though we didn’t put it to test on iOS, we are not expecting it to be any different from its Android counterpart.

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