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Thursday, November 26, 2020

Five mobile games ideally suited for flagship devices

These games will push your premium device to its limits

Written by Meghna Dutta | Updated: July 17, 2018 6:55:29 pm

Mobile gaming has immensely flared up over the past few years incorporating polished graphics and impressive game-play. A wide gamut of games hit the Play Store, some of which fork over a gaming console like experience. But while these games entice gamers to tap the install button, not every smartphone can handle the rich graphics and load the games as fast as you would expect. Graphics-intensive games require good display panel, high-end CPU and GPU that can render those ‘AAA’ titles.

In case your device ticks the prescribed boxes, you must try out for these games that are ideally suited for premium smartphones to experience them in their full glory.

Ravensworld: Shadowlands – This open-world RPG created by the folks at Crescent Moon games brings a deep story-line to restore the past glory of Ravensworld. The game takes you to enthralling landscapes, realistic scenery and provides various weapons that you can choose from.

With over hundreds of items to discover and a mesmerizing soundtrack, Ravensworld: Shadowlands contains side quests and real-time combat to keep you engaged for hours. While the game brings solace for those ardent RPG players, this game is not free. On the Play Store, it is listed for a price of Rs 460. A premium game for a premium price eh!

Unkilled – If you are into action games that have sheer ruthless combat, Unkilled could be your next best stop. This zombie shooter game is created by the developers of Dead Trigger 2, MADFINGER Games. Unkilled has clocked over 10 million downloads and even replaced Dead Trigger 2 on the Android platform in terms of popularity.

This first-person shooter offers visually appealing graphics, more than 300 missions to arch with ‘boss fights’, online PvP (Player versus Player) modes and more. You can even design your hero for PvP mode and engage in battle with real opponents in five discrete environments. What’s good about this game is you get it for free. All you need to do is download the game, pick your weapon and barrage those vexatious zombies.

Middle-earth: Shadow of War – A hack-and-slash game, Middle-earth: Shadow of War is one of the best RPG available on the Android gaming platform. The game contains various characters from Shadow of Mordor and Lord of the Rings trilogy. The game follows similar Nemesis system like in the PC version and brings enhanced tactics to battle against the villains and enslave the orcs.

The Middle-earth: Shadow of War is designed in a picturesque style for mobile. The real challenge emerges while choosing the team for battle and station your weapons at the right time. The game gets critical as you level up demanding you to utilise ‘powered-up special attacks’ wisely to save from losing the combat. And guess what, the game is free to play!

Grand Theft: Auto San Andreas – You must have played the classic action adventure game, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas once upon a time. Rockstar Games, developers of this highly popular game, have ported it to the mobile platform. With high-res graphics crafted specifically for mobile, the Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas brings improved characters, customisable controls, a variety of cars and an extended story-line.

The game integrates immersion tactile effects and delivers good visual fidelity. It has a duration of 70 hours and supports wireless MoGa controllers and select Bluetooth, USB gamepads to enhance the experience. Before you hunt down the game on the Play Store, we would like to note that this game demands Rs 220.

NBA Live – If you are among those sports fan who like to charter their time on sports games even on the smartphone, NBA Live might surprise you with its intense graphics. The game is created by Electronic Arts (EA), the folks known best for bringing games for the sports fanatics.

The game gives you the option to build your team, thrash your opponents, upgrade players and even connect with the NBA in Live events. The graphics are impressive and the control system on this game is quite simple. The game has four modes: Head-to-head, Leagues, live events and Season mode to rev up your skills. The NBA Live is available for free in the Play Store.

We have picked out some of the best games that are enthralling and somewhat similar to the games found on a console or PC. But in case you have better-looking games loaded in your premium phone, do share with us in the comments section below.

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