Five games from your childhood that deserve to be remade for Android/iOS

Five games from your childhood that deserve to be remade for Android/iOS

A bunch of games that we found extremely interesting in our childhood and hope to see them remade with better graphics for Android or iOS devices

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Games from over 10 years back that deserve a comeback

Gaming is one thing that most of us have done in our childhood. Some continue to do so even now, whether it be on a gaming console or a smartphone. We decided to compile a list of games that we found extremely interesting in our childhood and should be remade with better graphics for mobile devices running on Android or iOS operating systems. Some of these games listed below have had sequels released at regular intervals. However, the sequels were never able to capture the magic the original ones had.

Super Mario Brothers

Super Mario Brothers
Super Mario Brothers was launched back in 1985

Super Mario Brothers is a game that most of us would have played. However, do you know that Nintendo first released this game with the famous plumbers around 32 years back. It was the successor to the Mario Bros. released back in 1983. In this iconic adventure, players had to control Mario or his brother Luigi to cross various obstacles in different environments in the Mushroom Kingdom ultimately to save the princess from the evil kidnapper Bowser. The gameplay is added by boosts and power-ups like super mushrooms, fire flowers and star power to assist Mario in his quest.

Road Rash

Road Rash
Road Rash was launched back in 1991

Road Rash is a classic motorcycle racing game released by Electronic Arts (EA) back in 1991. In the game, the player has to win illegal street races which tend to get a lot violent. The game was so popular that EA decided to turn it into a series which the company continued to milk for years. Road Rash first debuted on the Sega Genesis console and over the next few years made its way on to other systems as well. Till now EA has released six versions of the game, last of which was the Road Rash: Jailbreak. In 2017 Pixel Dash Studios and EQ Games developed and released Road Redemption which is being called as the spiritual successor to Road Rash. But the original is an original after all.

Pokemon Red/Blue

Pokemon Red, Pokemon Blue
Pokemon Red/Blue was launched back in 1996

Recently, we have seen Nintendo get into the smartphone gaming space with games like Pokemon Go and Mario. The games till now have seen a lot of downloads and a positive reception. However, many people still want the company to bring the original Pokemon games like the Red and Blue to the mobile platforms. In these games, the players have to travel around a fictional region on earth to capture Pokemon, train the Pokemon, take part in battles and win the Pokemon league. Alongside the objective of defeating the gyms pokemon league and the elite four, players also have an additional objective to complete the Pokedex by capturing or confronting all the 150 pokemon in the game. This was such a popular game at the time that it received an anime to go along with it. Interestingly, the game and the anime are still popular even in 2018.



pac man
Pac-Man was launched back in 1980

Pac-Man is an arcade game developed and released by Namco Bandai back in 1980. The game is considered as one of the classics and is extremely popular to date. Interesting fact, it is so popular that back on 21 May 2010, Google created an interactive playable doodle of the game for its homepage, it can still be accessed by searching Pac-Man on the search engine. In the game, the players have to navigate Pac-man through a maze filled with dots, the objective is to make Pac-Man eat all of the dots. However, it isn’t as easy as it sounds. There are a total of four ghosts hunting Pac-man while he has to finish the objective.


Contra was launched back in 1987

Back in 1987, the gaming world was taken by a storm with the release of the run and gun action arcade game, Contra. It was developed and published by Konami. The game saw a home release for the NES in 1988. The game was so popular that it went on to spawn 10 sequels over the years. The game is set in the year 2633, during which the evil organisation known as Red Falcon has set up a base in New Zealand with an objective to conquer the world. Two commandos of the Contra unit are sent to destroy the organisation by crossing various obstacles.What comes as a surprise during the end of the game is that the organisation is being controlled by alien entities and sets up the sequel to the game, Super Contra. We hope the action arrives on our mobile platform some day.

Which other games would you like to see being remade on iOS or Android? Do let us know in the comments section below.