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Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited service: How to sign up, what it offers

Wondering how to get more books during the lockdown? We discuss Amazon's Kindle Unlimited subscription service, which will give access to millions of books for free

Amazon Kindle Unlimited, Amazon Kindle Unlimited cost, What is Kindle Unlimited, Kindle Unlimited price, Kindle Unlimited price, Kindle Unlimited books, Kindle Unlimited features Amazon Kindle Unlimited offers access to several titles for free, and is a monthly subscription service. (Image source: Shruti Dhapola)

Amazon’s Kindle e-book readers are very popular and handy devices, especially for those who love to read. Given that the country is in a lockdown right now, this is also a good time for those who love to read to catch up on the habit. Today, we will discuss Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited subscription service, which will give one access to millions of books for free.

The advantage with a subscription service like this is you don’t have to pay individually for each book, and there is only a monthly cost involved.  For those who are subscribed to Kindle Unlimited, you will not have to pay for each of these books.

How does one sign up for Kindle Unlimited? What is the cost ?

The Amazon Kindle Unlimited subscription can be accessed from the Amazon website itself. Just search for Kindle Unlimited and you will find details of the subscription. The first 30 days are free. After that trial period, the subscription service is renewed at a cost of Rs 169 per month.

You will need to enter your debit or credit card details on Amazon, so that the auto-charge can be applied each month. You can also use a card which is already saved to your Amazon account when signing up for service.

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Alternatively, at the time of payment, Amazon Kindle Unlimited also offers the following options: Just one month subscription at Rs 199, subscription for six months at Rs 999 and a 12-month subscription at Rs 1,799.

If you have a Kindle device, go to the Kindle Store tab on the reader, and you will see Kindle Unlimited showing as an option. Tap on this, and Amazon will take you to the page to sign up for the subscription service.

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I don’t have a Kindle. Can I still access the subscription service?

Yes. Even if you do not have a Kindle e-reader, you can download the Kindle reading app on your smartphone be it Android or iOS or on your tablet, and then sign into your Amazon account to access the Unlimited subscription service. Kindle will let you read your books from any device with the subscription service, and you can download books directly to these devices.

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How do I know which title is part of the Kindle Unlimited?

Books which are part of the Kindle Unlimited service will usually have a tag on top of them highlighting the same. The Harry Potter books are part of the Kindle Unlimited service, as are Tinkle comics, Amar Chitra Katha titles, the Immortals of Meluha series, etc. There are books in Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati and Tamil also available as part of the Unlimited subscription services. Some Manga comics such as Battle Angel Alita are also listed as part of the service.


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How many books can you download as part of the Kindle Unlimited subscription service?

Kindle Unlimited has a limit. You can only keep ten books from the service in your digital library. If you cross more than ten books, you will be asked to return one title to Amazon’s library.

Can I cancel this service?

Of course, you can cancel the membership at any time. Just go to your Amazon Account and change the Kindle Unlimited membership settings. Amazon says if you cancel, you will not be refunded any membership fees, which has already been paid. All titles and books that were part of the account under Kindle Unlimited will be removed from your devices and applications.

First published on: 30-03-2020 at 18:36 IST
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